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By the 9 Divines! How am I supposed to get greater mutagens?

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  3. By the 9 Divines! How am I supposed to get greater mutagens?

User Info: Aiboh

5 years ago#1
Seriously, the hell? I've been farming the nekker lake in act II forever, but no greater mutagens yet.

EDIT: Bad enough they don't even give me xp. Sigh. All lessers, all the time.
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User Info: mrmontie

5 years ago#2
people have said that it helps alot to get the perk that has the chance of producing mutagens when you make potions. haven't tried it myself. Have only come across one greater mutagen (which as I understand it is the only type that even count) and I'm halfway through chapter two.

The whole not letting you upgrade mutagens later is a real mistake with the game design. There is already enough vendor trash.

User Info: DoubleGibs

5 years ago#3
Ever since one of the earlier patches, I've only ever seen "greater" or giant enemies drop the top tier mutagens.
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User Info: Altarboyy

5 years ago#4
ive got 2 greater vitality mutagens and a madness mutagen just from faming for money for the act 1 dark mode armor...all from nekkers just started act 2 now. guess its all luck

User Info: GodspeedYouBE

5 years ago#5
I don't see the point in farming for greaters. It takes way too much time to farm for them and the benefits don't seem worth it. Even on Dark Mode, by Act 3 your character should pretty much be a god without any mutagens.

User Info: Ginjur

5 years ago#6
Im on my second game and i havnt seen a single greater mutagen (no kidding), this on hard setting. All ever find are lesser or single named mutagens such as "range" or "strenght".

Must have had a massive nerf with EE patch because i recall befor EE i was loaded with greater mutagens. Kinda wish they made it so you could merge the lesser mutagens to a greater. =/

User Info: Torrin333

5 years ago#7
Look up mutagenology on witcher nexus if you want to be able to combine mutagens into bigger ones. Even with mutagenology though expect to spend a loooooong time farming if you want to get useful greater mutagens. If you want all madness mutagens, forget it as it takes 3 of each of the major 3 greater mutagen types for one madness mutagen. I would estimate about 35+ hours farming the nekker pond, as it took me 5+ hours farming nekkers just to get the small amount of power and strength greaters I wanted.
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  3. By the 9 Divines! How am I supposed to get greater mutagens?

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