Anyone tried this game yet?

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  3. Anyone tried this game yet?

User Info: TomasSan

7 years ago#1
For a boxing game it really is quite good. Its reminiscent of Punch-Out and the like with good graphics and pretty simple play.

The fact that its on a iphone means (to me anyway) that its not a deep "make your own player" like lets say "fight night" but its good while im on the train or waiting on line at the DMV or something..

Im not a shill for the game but Im writing this so that hopefully a) someone who HAS played this will come here and B) Please tell me how to beat some of these insanely HARD fighters!! (I just beat 15-cent but the Chief is super duper insane!! He counters every single thing i throw at him...sheesh!)

User Info: solido_snake87

7 years ago#2
This game is currently one of my favorite. I got it when i came out and im still stuck on dynovolt. I think thats his name. He is second to the last guy i think. He is stupid hard!
Gamertag: xxxxGodoooo PSN: wat_wat_n_da_but
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  3. Anyone tried this game yet?

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