Goofy Parts, Daisy Parts?

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User Info: Daz224

6 years ago#1
I am missing the Goofy and Daisy parts, I know I can't go back again but I need the info for the second playthrough. Please tell me, I already know the Donald parts :D

User Info: Xendyl

6 years ago#2
- Solve the crystal and tiki head puzzle
- when you return to the first area, there's a blue chest where the pirate selling watch sketches used to be
- Climb Skull Rock. It's on the same ledge as where Pete Pan is
- Smee gives you the final part

Don't know Goofy though, but I do know one is in the "submarine recovery" area. You'll have to thin a wall to find it. And one's in the Rocket Ship launch pad area.
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User Info: Lost_Username

6 years ago#3
I can't remember theGoofy parts, but you can always buy them from the shop owner at Mean Street. 1000 Tickets each.
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User Info: Mana_Runigha

6 years ago#4
What would be the best way to earn etickets? i just have one Goofy part left to find and I would like to finish his sidequest soon. I'll feel bad otherwise.

User Info: illegalcheez

6 years ago#5
Best way to get e-tickets is probably to go back and forth between Osworld and Mean Streets. Certain objects in Mean Streets seem to always yield the green e-tickets, and there are at least three in each of those areas. It'll still take a while, this way. 20ish round trips to get 4000 e-tickets.

User Info: Wyked

6 years ago#6


in notilus room, thin a wall high up.

in great big tomorrow, defeat the slobber with paint

in tomorrow city square, fix the sky tram, ride it over to a blue chest.

in space voyage, the opening camera pan shows you where the blue chest is

i think the best place to earn tickets is ventureland. most of the plants do green etickits. also, in notilus room there are 3 gold tickets (100 a peice) that you can collect if you do all the puzzles.

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