Gameplay feels sloppy and there are glitches abound.

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  3. Gameplay feels sloppy and there are glitches abound.

User Info: Super-Mario-Fan

6 years ago#1
After having played Kirby's Epic Yarn and DKCR, I decided to start Epic Mickey. I'm about an hour in, and while I was impressed with the cutscenes in this game, the actual game itself feels awkward to play. And no, it's not just the camera. When I was walking through the amusement park before the boat ride, I got suck in the middle of a fence and couldn't get out, so I reset the game. When ever mickey hits a wall (almost vertical at that). He attaches to it and slowly falls down instead of getting knocked back. Seriously, this is not supposed to be a PS1 game! Finally there is a segment in the boat ride itself where the game music will suddenly cut on and off depending on where you move the camera. Seriously, what the hell am I playing? Surely it's not a completed video game.
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User Info: jasam01

6 years ago#2
I don't recall ever having problems with collisions in the entire time I played, or any other said problems.
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User Info: Super-Mario-Fan

6 years ago#3
Ok, I'm in the area with the Pagoda, and I saw Mickey walking on a wall on the Pagoda for a second before dropping. We must not be playing the same game...
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User Info: MOOtodaHOOD

6 years ago#4
The game's definitely got some kinks, but I've never seen anything like what you're describing, TC. interesting.

User Info: Toast_In_Shell

6 years ago#5
I've never had any problems like what the TC is describing.

Of course that might be because I was having too much fun playing this awesome game and ignoring the myriads of complainers who come up with something new to whine about every day!

And honestly the only problem I have ever had with this game was the camera when I first started playing, but I quickly got used to it, and being an avid gamer I've played so many plat formers that it's hardly a problem.

Whiners can whine till the cows come home, but it won't stop me from enjoying this epic game.
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User Info: lonlonmilklover

6 years ago#6
Big complaints here, about camera views, but that's the only complaint.

Still, NOTHING compared to the debacle of a camera system in Sonic Adventure on the Dreamcast lol...

User Info: SuperBowser

6 years ago#7
THANK YOU, milklover, yeah this camera is super fancy and perfect compared to Sonic Adventure. Hey TC, exploit those glitches! Sometimes you can climb mountains by pointing towards them and double jumping
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User Info: mdfmkrules9999

6 years ago#8
i've never experienced anything like that either tc. weird.

User Info: KyasarinTsu

6 years ago#9
Sonic Adventure is a ten-year-old game. Epic Mickey is not.
It's not fair to compare the cameras of games from two completely different generations.
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  3. Gameplay feels sloppy and there are glitches abound.

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