Best four skills to max for each class

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User Info: Nazenwrath

7 years ago#1
Based on the suggestion on my other thread to pick 4 skills to max, I'm providing here what I think is the best and used. I also picked 2 skills to put 1 point into so I can have 3 ability skills available at all times. If I didn't mention a skill I kinda just think they're useless


1. Whirling Blades: cheap, aoe damage, knocks back enemies a bit, available from the start, and does good damage.... what else do you need?
2. Combat Master: because you won't be putting as much points in dex and warrior hits miss alot, this is pretty much a must max.
3. Ravager: Warriors are best with 2h weapons, this is a great skill to max
4. Hardiness/Specialization: Hardiness will pretty much make your warrior never die, but if you're the berserker type, go for specialization to max damage.

Good one-pointer skills:

1. Dash: instant stun is good, if you're 1v1 a mini-boss
2. Rage: increase in damage is good, but I'd save the rest of the mana for whirling blades


1. Killing blow: max this will give you 20% crit, which is the butter for rogue builds
2. Combo master: if you're hitting for 30s and you put a couple points into this you'll see some 100+ crits, this a great skill
3. Poison blade: adds a huge chunk of damage to your melee attacks, not to mention they don't have elemental weakness
4. Dagger mastery: you won't really be using other weapons with rogues anyways!

Good one-pointer skills:

1. Twin strike: It's so good. At mid-high levels it pretty much crits for 100%, does 2 hits per use (for each weapon), and hits two foes, cheap mana too.
2. Sneak/jump attack: more for life-savers, but sometimes a little buggy. Keep your fingers crossed.


1. Fire mastery: your most damaging projectile. Although heavy mana cost, it will probably one shot any high level mobs with the right build.
2. Master of magic: maxing will give you 10% spell crit. My mage has 100% spell crit at lvl 42
3. Air mastery: you will need a secondary elemental spell to take care of fire mobs, since we're maxing fire. I like air more because you get it earlier and it looks better than earth mastery, which is like hurling pebbles.
4. Dummy: your life-saver. You might not need to max this but 5 points at least.

Good one-pointer skills:

1. Psychic blast: aoe stun, which also makes your dummies (and you) live longer
2. Water mastery: will help you get through early to mid levels

If anyone find other good combos, feel free to post

User Info: fma93

7 years ago#2
I maxed rogue's dodging and mage's mp regen.

User Info: fma93

7 years ago#3
I think it is also possible to play mage without spells. A melee mage.

User Info: Nazenwrath

7 years ago#4
I tried it before but quit in the end. The skills I maxed are wand specialization for dual wielding wands, and sword guardian. Which attribute to pick was troublesome too. With melee mage you don't really do much damage with wands, because all the bonuses are for spells... compare to other weapons, on the other hand your spells are alot weaker too. Survivability is ok if I put points into the dummy skill / mage armor, but just kills very slow.

User Info: Dazarath

7 years ago#5
If you mess up your skills, can you respec?

User Info: fma93

7 years ago#6

User Info: Kaliban99

7 years ago#7
I built a very powerful Combat Mage by putting all attribute points into Strength and Dexterity. I added no points to Energy. I dual-wielded all through the game using swords and daggers.

For skills I saved points and maxed out the Psychic Blast (stun) spell. That's the only spell I really needed. Of course I used my fairy's area of effect spell, but I never cast anything but the stun spell.

The other skill I maxed was Fairy Blood to increase elemental resistance.

For the Dark Queen fight I dumped 10 points into the Mage Armor spell since she had some powerful attacks.

Other than that, I think that's about all I used. I finished the game with 10 extra skill points or so.

This build was so effective it was almost too easy. But very fun ;) Try it out and post your experience.


User Info: Nazenwrath

7 years ago#8
I tried out a similar build, pumping str/dex, and honestly I think it kills pretty slow. My build was like this, 5 points in dummy, 10 points in sword guardian, 1 point in stun spell before the last couple elemental stages. Yes the mage can equip armor and dual wield sword daggers but he does not kill efficiently due to lack of +AR skills. I remember that even at stonebridge/barrack I can kill the last boss by spamming lvl 1 default lightning bolt than just pressing the attack button. I tried to make good use of the sword guardian but it doesn't attack enough to justify 10 points in the skill.

The end game changes considerably since by the time your character gets his best armors he will be buffed up dramatically to the point that any build can really pass. The main thing would be then, which builds would allow that class to kill most efficiently, and if any alternative would work just as good. Before that point it would just be the question which build could kill your enemies the fastest without you dying all the time. For the mage class I still believe that you don't need any other defensive abilities other than 5 points in dummy. It takes care of all survivability issues for its low mana costs.

I was thinking of wand specialization as well but wands just do not do enough damage, and it's not like you would need life/mana leech, ever. Therefore after all the skill testings I would still say that maxing fireballs, spell hit%, 5 points in dummy, 5 points in spell crit%, 1 point in stun is really all you need. Hell, max transmute if you like if you wanna go for the 1,000,000 gold achievement.

User Info: Seldon_

7 years ago#9
[This message was deleted at the request of the original poster]

User Info: Nazenwrath

7 years ago#10
It's not a question of which one is better, I just think that dummy is a great skill for any mage builds and sword guardian just plain sucks. Dummies negate all damage, spell or physical, meaning you never have to worry about your health, defense, resistance, if you cast your dummies right--meaning you'll never have to pour points into mage blood or mage armor. Sword guardian follows you, usually lagging behind and need time to catch up. It won't attack an enemy until they are close by, which by then you would usually kill them with your spells already. It will also need some start up time, identify an enemy then start whacking, and the damage is laughable. The spell concept itself is good, unfortunately it's just not useful.
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