it MUST be upgraded!

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User Info: koicz2889

7 years ago#1
the size of the game is nearly about 80 MB i guess.. but they can improve this one by making it 300 to 500 MB in terms of size and add some effects, good sound, new and large terrain with good controls and menus accompanied by good camera controls and more detailed weapons and enemies, they can add some more class of enemies.. the graphics must be upgraded too coz the PSP can handle it, the only problem is the size of the game., if there more space they had given there' s more to improve..

sorry for my english haha
( ^;...;^ )_V,, pEaCe

User Info: lostcali8

7 years ago#2


I think the games fine just the way it is.

Fun, accessible, and good looking enough for the people who can appreciate that..

User Info: koicz2889

7 years ago#3
i appreciate the game and i love most of TD games, i'm only thinking why they didn't exert more improvement in terms of details that we know and they know that they can. ^^
( ^;...;^ )_V,, pEaCe

User Info: spiritualhawk

7 years ago#4
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User Info: Astroshak

7 years ago#5
This game is fine the way it is.

But, it just whetted my appetite for Savage Moon 2, which I hope they release for the PS3, with a lot more stuff. No, I don't really consider SM:THC to be SM2 ... there's just not enough improvement over SM.

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