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User Info: kathcat24

6 years ago#1
I'm in Summer, Year one and trying to have a dish ready for the next Cooking Festival. I already missed the last one and this one is "Soup." I've got corn ready and would like to make the corn soup, but I can't find butter anywhere, or find on these boards how to get butter. Where do you get it?

User Info: LunarAngel

6 years ago#2
You need a maker. Not sure which one, but it's probably in Bluebell... and you can't get it until Year 2 or 3.

If you have a Radish and a cow on hand, I'd suggest Radish Soup instead... And for future contests, you may want to grow some soybeans for Soybean Soup. You'll need 2 soybeans and 1 (or 2) edamame from the store to make those. You can't make it for Summer, but for your first Fall, Winter, and probably Spring Year 2 that will be your best shot at making your own entry for the soup contest.

There's also an (easier) option of buying soup from Howard or Yun's shops to enter. It's a lot less hassle this way. You're almost guaranteed to lose, but you still get credit for participating, and the second place prize is better in most cases anyway (year 2 crop seeds).

User Info: rockerzz182

6 years ago#3
You can get a butter when you have a cow that is ready to be milked and a maker but for now you cant get a butter but some villager will reward you a butter via request..
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User Info: kathcat24

6 years ago#4
Awesome, thanks so much. I'm really not concerned about winning right now so much as just entering something so the Mayor's friendliness meter will get a boost. So those tips are a big help. I'll worry about winning once I'm a better cook :P Thanks again!

User Info: rockerzz182

6 years ago#5
Winning is sometimes random at cooking contest aside from your dish it depends of what the rival team and your team prepared and also your rival members and your team mate if your rival team is power house like Howard,Laney and your team mate was not Yun theres a big chance that your gonna loose..

And sometimes your teamate or rival might served failed dish..

I only loose twice because at first i didnt know that its random but now im at summer 2nd year and i didnt loose since then..
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User Info: Esperman

6 years ago#6
I wouldn't waste the amount of profit you could make on Soybean Soup... I entered a 4-star soybean soup and all I got was a music note... Howard entered soy milk in the same contest and was able to pull out a heart...
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