shops in rainy weather

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User Info: pamboys

5 years ago#1
do they sell stuff when it rains??

running low on seeds and Gombe shop open on a Rainy Wendnesday buy not selling anything. so are the other shops. what gives?? stingy people. >.>

User Info: Hy0rlnmaru

5 years ago#2
Shops are close during rainy days, except Cam's flower shop.
I suggest you buy seeds twice as much so you wouldn't run low throughout the season.


User Info: pamboys

5 years ago#3
ok thx. for the quick reply.

*hurries to Cam's shop* :3

User Info: GogglesFrog

5 years ago#4
What a ludicrous mechanic. I had three rainy days in a row that were preceded by festivals. This topic confirmed my suspicion of the lazy shop owners.
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User Info: dot921

5 years ago#5
I find it quite ridiculous as well, also, did anybody else notice how much longer the Mexican works than anybody else? (Except Howard)
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User Info: Corqren

5 years ago#6
It seems that they will be open on half rainy days though.
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