So how do pets work exactly?

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User Info: BunnyWinx

5 years ago#1
I know that pets are supposed to help you take care of your livestock... guides I've read say that they can "herd" your animals. But what does that mean?

In my understanding:
Cats: herd chickens
Small dogs: herd sheep and alpacas
Large dogs: herd cows

On your own, pushing the cows and sheep in particular is pretty annoying, trying to get them to go outside in the pasture and then back in again at night (made even worse when you come back home too late and they're asleep, and annoyed with you for waking them up). A pet that does this for you would be a blessing, but... well, how does that work? Do you, like, 'tell' the pet to herd the animals outside?

I know I could just buy one and see what it does, but this early in the game they are kind of expensive...

Anyone have experience on this yet? :D

User Info: Stormfeather

5 years ago#2
As far as I can tell so far, it works sorta like it does in Grand Bazaar. Basically when you very first get the pet, it doesn't do anything.

Make sure you feed it each day, pick it up (and maybe play with it with a toy if you've bought one) each day, and once it starts to like you, it'll start automatically herding one or so animals of its type outside in the morning, and back inside in late afternoon (maybe early evening).

I'm assuming that like in GB, it'll herd more animals the better your relationship grows with it. But I haven't played far enough really to be sure.
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User Info: Hmoobthor

5 years ago#3
try to get animal ASAP and then the next day or so buy the pet to herd them..

its take a couple day for them to learn to heard the animal.....give them food and hug them and toss the toy bone at them

User Info: BunnyWinx

5 years ago#4
Aww! That's sooooo adorable! I never would have thought it would work like that! :D Thanks so much for your replies!

User Info: PooEgg

5 years ago#5
I was so surprised when my kitty ran off with my chicken. I thought perhaps I forgot to feed him and he was helping himself, but he was actually herding it. ; )

Seriously though it is pretty cute!

User Info: Lazay727

5 years ago#6
so it takes a few days for sure?

User Info: Pheem

5 years ago#7
so it takes a few days for sure?

I'm pretty sure it did for me. You certainly don't need to even have 1 heart with your pet for it to start herding an animal though.

User Info: slickpnoy3

5 years ago#8
Also note: you can throw the toy at them multiple times a day for constant heart increases until they fall asleep...although if you're fast enough you can bypass that as dog to like 5 hearts in 6 days...but I hate pushing cows and want to win the upcoming dog festival ._.
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User Info: PooEgg

5 years ago#9
I noticed that if you leave your pet toy laying around the house it will disappear. I learned that the hard way, I figured I could leave my cat toy in the house on the floor ,and save a storage spot, but when I came back in it was gone, and I have not been able to buy a new one so far. Poor kitty! : (

User Info: BunnyWinx

5 years ago#10
^ Good advice, thanks for sharing that! o_o I totally would have left it on the floor, since there are toys all over the floors of the pet shops!
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