How do u get "Good Wool"?

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User Info: Kementarri

6 years ago#1
Im in year 1 winter and Nori is asking for it to make clothes
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User Info: Shiya64

6 years ago#2
Wow you got that request that soon? cool. :)
as far as I know Good wool can be gotten from Suffolk sheep. (available at the beginning of spring, year 2 according to fogu)
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User Info: Kementarri

6 years ago#3
oh no -_- i have 30 days to give it to her =/ (i'm marrying her that's why i have the request lol)
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User Info: Pheem

6 years ago#4
You'll still get the request again next season. I didn't have the wool in Winter and wasn't able to complete the request but she posted it again in Spring, when you'll be able to buy the Suffolk sheep.

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