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User Info: my_psychosis

5 years ago#1
Where do I get Miso? What is it? Thanks. :)

User Info: Esperman

5 years ago#2
If I recall correctly, miso is a maker product... I think you need the fermenting pot (The giant pot-like maker, which I think is a Konohana maker upgrade...) and then soybeans plus another ingredient... It might be a request reward, though I think it's only for grade C or higher requests... I've done a bunch of D level requests and I don't think miso is one of the rewards for those grade requests, but I do remember seeing miso as a reward for one of the requests... (I forget who rewards it...) As for miso itself, it's an ingredient for a few recipes...
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User Info: capaul

5 years ago#3
It's a Bluebell maker.

User Info: Sun Xiao

Sun Xiao
5 years ago#4
Yeah, you have to build Fermenting Maker in your Bluebell farm. Then you have to combine Soybean + Cooked Rice to get Miso.
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