Grave robber quest

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User Info: siyren

7 years ago#1
i found the dude who was being held by the imps, and i know the other two are at the fortresses, but wheres the other one? I read somewhere she was in the area where you had to get the book for the alchmist but there not there.

User Info: KidBuu_001

7 years ago#2
I believe the third one is on a ledge at the start of the fjords you have to go dragon to get on it its near the top of a statue i found a book on its head. The fourth one is one a ledge in one of the paths and has a trap door make sure you read it mind to figure out in order to get the treasure and not be burned you have to push a secret button and you also can get an achievement

User Info: stgsmiling

7 years ago#3
now, i found the imp guy, and the chick at the start of the fjords, but i cant find the other 2

where exactly are they?

the guide at gamepressure says they're in the fjords. TC says they're in someone's fortress

User Info: JustDIE

7 years ago#4
gamepressure is right the two people jack and dean are corpses. one is on a cliff next to a nest the other is on a cliff side too the gamepressure map is correct just follow it

User Info: menalaos1971

7 years ago#5
Jack is next to a Wyvern nest past that Dragon Knight's old tower. I still haven't found Dean myself...
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