the TERA poplulation is without a doubt, shrinking

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  3. the TERA poplulation is without a doubt, shrinking

User Info: potatochobit

5 years ago#1
I kid you not, at least on my server
people may have left or did not continue from the open beta obviously
it could also be people not playing on the weekend, which is normal for adults
(only kids game on their weekends and the lonely hearts club)

I know they made a few new servers and the PVP ones are doing well, but I definitely see a server merger incoming for the PVEs.
everyday I log in the channel 1 is always on low.
there was like two other people with me in the elf city
perhaps everyone else is taking it slow, but I dont think so
as the game progresses there are so many options as to where you can go but that would still be reflected in the channel populations
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User Info: cobaltlotus

5 years ago#2
Channels are different in each area, province, dungeon, etc.

Just because channel 1 is low in your region doesn't mean it's low in another.
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User Info: HolyKnight199

5 years ago#3
MMO population always goes down a little after release, once the excitement of a fresh release has passed. WoW's population was also a bit crazy for a couple of days when the Cataclysm expansion hit.

Unless you mean that TERA's population seems low, but it's normal, it's not a mainstream MMO. Don't expect WoW or (at release) SW:TOR numbers.

User Info: gambit2_0

5 years ago#4
I would say it depends on your level since your at the elf city I'm gonna guess that your at least level 40.I've noticed that most of the people's level seem to be like 32 or less cause when I'm in channel one dnd in those area I notice it's always high.
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User Info: kamikaze135

5 years ago#5
Not everybody is in the channel and region you're in. MMO population always shrink, no need to point out the obvious.
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User Info: Kaltrec

5 years ago#6
It also doesn't help that a lot of people are having subscription issues right now (being billed 30 days early, constant errors during subscription or not able to log in at all)
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User Info: BahamutDarkFire

5 years ago#7
TERA is never going to be a "big number" subscription MMO, at least over here in the West anyway.
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User Info: Agiel7

5 years ago#8

One can hope that it reviews quite well on Gamespot, PC Gamer, Gamespy, or IGN, at which point it revitalises interest and brings on people who hadn't had a chance to play the beta who were on the fence or people who haven't heard of the game otherwise (it has nowhere near the marketting power GW2 and TOR had, let's be honest). 

User Info: Crevox

5 years ago#9
Depends entirely on what zone you're in. A lot of people are in different level range areas, and people are also spread out through the channels playing with friends and what not.

User Info: fireflygirl2

5 years ago#10
I feel that we're as I thought we would be. And Frogster too. I mean they DID give us only one PvE server at the launch.

Every gamer that adds to that number is just a bonus. The game is really really good, and I'm tough to please.

Simple things like, graphics, a lot of bank inventory place, combat, healing (the most fun I had healing in a long time!).

Healing in SWTOR I felt almost useless (swtor is also a good game!).

TERA, I have high hopes for you ;)
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  3. the TERA poplulation is without a doubt, shrinking

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