No loot from world boss?

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User Info: Alderon_Reborn

5 years ago#1
So I just got done fighting the world boss that's sitting around Poporia (sp?), Atrocitas. Took forever to kill it, and when it did it dropped...nothing. Not a single item was dropped.

It might have been how I started the fight? I found him sitting there with no one fighting him. Me being a Lancer, I had to at least try and solo it. I got it down to about 55% when an Archer found me fighting and formed a group with me. We killed it and not a single drop. Even the EXP from the kill was piss-poor.

Are there just world bosses out there that don't drop anything? I'm not mad that I fought the guy, by any means. It was a blast (mostly) soloing the guy and actually pulling it off. Just curious why I still haven't seen a world boss drop anything.

It can't be from a level difference. I'm Lv26 and my groupmate was Lv25.

User Info: Utada

5 years ago#2
Drops not guaranteed.
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User Info: Kaltrec

5 years ago#3
Most of those "world bosses" are there only as guild quest objective, i don't think i've heard of anything good droping from them
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User Info: ATiRadeonHD

5 years ago#4
I think that might have been for a guild quest objective.
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