Need help connecting to game

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User Info: Djmaxima

5 years ago#1
Went and picked up this game after work tonight after finally installing/patching it I could not connect and actually play the game. Ran diagnostics a couple times, no errors. Run it one last time and I get this.

Your PC does not appear to have access to ports required to play TERA.
In order to play TERA, your computer needs to access to ports 443 and 10001. This error occurs if your router does not have access to these ports or if you have a firewall that is blocking connections to these ports. We recommend that you contact your router or firewall manufacturer for more assistance.

Having played multiple MMOs and other online games with my PC I've never encountered this error. Anyway to connect to said ports?

User Info: Stumps101

5 years ago#2
If you have any malware protection. It could be blocking. i suggest losing that
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