Slayer vs Berserker: Pros and Cons...?

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User Info: SteelPunk808

5 years ago#1
The way I see it, both classes deal massive damage (or have the potential to) and they are quite similar in terms of being slow swinging melee classes. But what are the pros and cons of each class? Which one has more pros than cons cuz Im trying to decide what I want my main to be.

User Info: cobaltlotus

5 years ago#2
Slayer has more consistent crits, and more often.
It's just a better class.
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User Info: EnjoyMe

5 years ago#3
Doesn't Berserker have the highest base crit rate?
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User Info: Lokarin

5 years ago#4
Berserker has much higher on demand damage. Too bad there's no mechanics in the game that support this (like how Monster Hunter does)

Nice seeing 30k Thunder Strike crits as low as level 30 though (with scrolls)

But they have a huge Con... Lancers.
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User Info: SephCloud

5 years ago#5
Slayers: More mobile, can dodge, more crits/stuns/knockdowns because don't need to charge.
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User Info: pies12

5 years ago#6
If the zerk changes that just went live on ktera make it to engrish then slayers may be in for a rude awakening.
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User Info: SephCloud

5 years ago#7
It doesn't make a big difference.
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User Info: kamikaze135

5 years ago#8
Slayers - smash buttons
Berserkers - charge
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User Info: Edavy89

5 years ago#9
The two big differences would be mobility, and the charge mechanic. Slayers are much more mobile, and their attack speed considering they don't have to charge any attacks is overall significantly faster. Berzerkers can block, but the block is only about half of a lancers, and therefor significantly more situational. Apparently there are a lot of jackoff lancers that kick all zerkers in pugs so there is no competition for loot... I never have or will run with pugs, so i never have this issue. IT!

User Info: A_Caveman

5 years ago#10
Berserkers do comparable potential damage to Sorcerer.
The thing that brings them down in 60 content is the highly jumpy bosses. On an object that was standing still, there is no doubt that Berserker would be "top tier" DPS. Unfortunately, the nature of it's skills mean that it has to stand still far too often to maximize it's damage, whereas Sorcerer has a comfortable range to stand behind the boss and pop off as many spells as possible, and Slayers/Warriors have multiple speedups along with a low CD teleport to put them in optimal position. Berserker, however, is the least mobile class. It's like a tank on wooden wheels. Also, the average lv60 AOE attack will rip through their block, taking more than half of their HP, whereas the other classes dodge through it.

also, Kamikaze is bitter for whichever reason that Slayers have an easy time killing trash mobs, so he spouts petty comments. When it comes to trash mobs, Berserker is quite possibly the fastest aoe killer throughout the game until 48+, when Sorcerers take that seat. They also have one of the easiest BAM soloing experiences, with a sizable enough block to mitigate nearly any damage until 50+ BAMs, and a lifestrike skill that is quite nice for sustainability.
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