Ancient gear deck

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User Info: sb2h789

7 years ago#1
Please rate and fix this deck!

Lv 7-8
3x Ancient Gear Golem
3x Ancient Gear Gadjiltron Dragon
1x Machina Fortress

Lv 5-6
1x Ancient Gear Beast
1x Ancient Gear Gadjiltron Chimera
2x Cyber Dragon
1x Ancient Gear Engineeer

Lv 1-3
1x Heavy Mech Support Platform
1x Cyber Valley

2x Terraforming
3x Geartown
1x Mausoleum Of The Emperor
1x Polymerization
1x Power Bond
1x Future Fusion
1x Limiter Removal
1x Ancient Gear Castle
1x Ancient Gear Tank
1x Ancient Gear Drill
1x Ancient Gear Workshop
1x Mystical Space Typhoon
1x Heavy Storm
1x Pot Of Avarice
1x Swords Of Revealing Light
1x Solidarity

1x Ceasefire
1x Royal Decree
1x Magical Hats
1x Magic Cylinder
1x Trap Hole
1x Torrential Tribute
1x Dimensional Prison
1x Riryoku Field
1x Bottomless Trap Hole
1x Sakuretsu Armor

1x Ultimate Ancient Gear Golem
1x Cyber Twin Dragon

Thank you...
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User Info: easytoremember8

7 years ago#2
i'm no pro but mirror force is like a kill all enemies version of sakaretsu armor isn't it? put that it take the armor out for any deck

User Info: Kuuten

7 years ago#3
Kind of lacking on the 1-4 star monsters IMO.
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User Info: airbomb24

7 years ago#4
run less gear golem, more trade-in or more scrap recycler to send fortress to the grave
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User Info: Glazed_Donut

7 years ago#5
-2 Ancient Gear Golem
+2 Machina Fortress
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