Rate my Twilight deck deck

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User Info: ninjaspartan234

7 years ago#1
Gragonith the lightsworn dragon x3
jain the lightswornx1
jenis lightsworn mender x 3
Lyla, Lightsworn Sorceressx2
Blackwing - Kalut the Moon Shadow x1
Dark Armed dragonx1
Judgement dragon x1
Honest x2
Necro gardna x1
blue eye white dragonx1
kaiba man x1
golden ladybugx3

Magic x11
Dark world dealings x3
reload x 3
heavy stormx1
giant turadex1
my body as a shieldx3

Traps x12
botemless trap hole x2
trap hole x3
torrential tribute x1
magical cyclinderx1
discord x2
gozen match x1
gravity bind x1
TOTAL =44 cards

This is a twilight deck. As many of you know it is a combination of lightsworn and black monsters. Please feel free to rate this deck and make suggestions on how to improve it. Right now i'm 4 and 1 with this deck on wifi.

User Info: zerooneencode

7 years ago#2
on wifi, good you have proven you can beat children with it!
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User Info: ninjaspartan234

7 years ago#3
i beat two ls decks, a samuri deck, some random deck, a obelisk deck, some fish deck, and an exodia deck i think.

User Info: apolloflameowns

7 years ago#4
........run two jd or dont run it at all and lack of plaguespreader = ;( and why pick magic cylinder over mirror force? 2/5 rating
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User Info: Squiddoo

7 years ago#5

User Info: ninjaspartan234

7 years ago#6

No gragonith stays at 3. Its my key card.

User Info: Vinkent

7 years ago#7
-3(2 if you really want one) Jenis + 2 Necro Gardna
+1 Judgment Dragon -1 Kalut the Moonshadow(unless you want to run blackwings and lightsworns in the same deck)
-3 golden ladybug + 1 monster reincarnation + 2 gold sarcophagus
-1 necroface + 1 mirror force

User Info: Reimu_H

7 years ago#8
Dusk's Precipice - Head Death Rider ~ http://www.x.se/8t3f
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