what are some new draw power cards/setups?

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User Info: BenDover6969

7 years ago#1
now that allure and destiny draw are limited?

User Info: Dekadense

7 years ago#2
Searchers i guess, but real draw power, i don't know but the format just started so ideas will pop up later.
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User Info: LRN_2_PLAY

7 years ago#3
Cards of Consonance
Dusk's Precipice ~ http://www.x.se/8t3f
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User Info: Dekadense

7 years ago#4
Trade-in once more,Advance Draw maybe.
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User Info: OoSubaruoO

7 years ago#5
You could always use Upstart Goblin to a lesser extent.
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User Info: fieryseraph

7 years ago#6
Look for monsters that help you out, like Tethys or Morphing Jar. Also, I find myself slipping a Card Trader or two into a lot of my decks. And searchers is right.

User Info: codehunter87

7 years ago#7
I like the combo of D-Hero Defender and the continuous trap card where you draw two cards when your opponent draws one outside the Draw Phase. Sure, it's giving them cards, but the more copies of the trap you have, the more you draw as well. I use an Exodia deck with that concept.
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