Question about Super Polymerization.

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User Info: VideoGamer1990

7 years ago#1
Does it allow face-down monsters to be used as Fusion Material monsters just like the original Polymerization?

I'm asking because on the card "Gemknight Fusion", it specifically says "Gemknight Fusion". Obvious, yes. But here's my big question.

Let's say that you have both Gemknight Ganet and Super Polymerization on the field. Now, during your opponent's turn, you activate Magical Hats and place Ganet face-down, along with Gemknight Fusion and another spell card. Now, Magical Hats states that the 2 spells are treated as monsters until they are destroyed at the end of the battle phase.

So, in this state, can you use Super Polymerization to fuse both Gemknight Ganet and Gemknight Fusion(treated as a monster thanks to Magical Hats) to fusion summon Gemknight Rubys, which specifically states, "Gemknight Ganet + 1 "Gemknight" monster?"
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User Info: _False

7 years ago#2
Didn't really read your post, but I don't think Super Poly would be able to fuse face-downs of your opponent, but probably yours. This would be because you can reveal your own cards to show your opponent, but your opponent isn't going to reveal a face-down card that you probably don't know. You should probably just check the rulings page on wikia.
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User Info: kagekotatsu

7 years ago#3
[This message was deleted at the request of the original poster]

User Info: kagekotatsu

7 years ago#4
After test ingame, it seems you are able to use Super Polymerization on your face down monster(s).

Don't know about Gemknight Fusion (Monster) though...

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