Reptile Deck (No Reptillianne)

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User Info: Edgemaster70000

7 years ago#1
Basically I've tried to make an effective reptile deck with none of those ugly Reptillianne cards. Thought I would run this by the board and see how you guys could make it better. I'm using the "1 forbidden card" ban list.



Alien Shocktrooper x2
Gagagigo x2
Cobra Jar x1
Cyber Jar x1
Earthbound Immortal Ccarayhua x1
Evil Dragon Ananta x1 (My key card)
Lion Alligator x3
Spawn Alligator x2
Vennominaga the Deity of Poisonous Snakes x1
Vennominon the King of Poisonous Snakes x1
Venom Serpent x1
Venom Snake x1


Attack Pheromones x1
Mausoleum of the Emporor x2
Molting Escape x1
Mystical Space Typhoon x1
Snake Rain x1
Solidarity x2
United We Stand x1
Venom Swamp x1


Alien Brain x2
Bottomless Trap Hole x2
Call of the Haunted x1
Ceasefire x1
Cloak and Dagger x1
Compulsory Evacuation Device x1
Magic Cylinder x1
Mirror Force x1
Offering to the Snake Deity x2
Rise of the Snake Deity x1

The only real problem I've run into is Solidarity being dead draws if I have used Cyber Jar. Is there a very simple way around this? Maybe include Lightning Vortex and use it as a free cost?

User Info: Edgemaster70000

7 years ago#2
I forgot to mention this was in-game.

User Info: Edgemaster70000

7 years ago#3
Man, every topic is getting posted in aside form mine -_-

User Info: Shake_Like_E

7 years ago#4
-Lion Alligator x3
-Venom Swamp
-Cloak and Dagger
-Magic Cylinder
-Solidarity x2
-United We Stand

+ Alien Ammonite x3
+ Burden of the Mighty x3
+ Damage = Reptile x2
+Brain Control
+Swords of Revealing Light
+ EX deck(be sure to include Cosmic Fortress Gol'Gar)

Burden is great, better than Solidarity in most cases. Gol'Gar + Swords or COTH is super fun happy time.
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User Info: Legoluigi

7 years ago#5
I really don't like how this deck is formatted. It seems like it is trying to do several things at once. You have Mausoleum of the Emperor and Venom Swamp, but no Terraforming. I don't know why you would want to play two different ones. You should stick with one or the other.
It's not should of, it's should've you idiots.
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User Info: Edgemaster70000

7 years ago#6
OK, let me clarify the purpose here: This is an attempt of an original deck that doesn't conform to any theme other than Reptile type. No aliens (save shocktrooper since it's a normal with good atk), no reptillianne.

I have 3 Lion Alligator because it's my best lvl 4 attacker with a great effect combined with Solidarity.

As for my two fields, I have them both in there because Venom Swamp is decent at cutting your opponent's strength, and some of my monsters benefit from it. Mausoleum of the Emporer is there to help me summon my Earthbound Immortal and Venominon. I thought Terraforming would be a wasted spot compared to an anti-attack card like magic cylinder.

I tried to build the deck so that I could hold the field while I try to draw Evil Dragon Ananta or Venominon, using Snake Rain to boost their attack in the meantime for a possible OTK, but if I don't draw them I'll still have a shot at winning.

User Info: Dekadense

7 years ago#7
Yeah yeah ignore the useful tips people gave you to improve the deck, adding a Sangan or Dark Armed Dragon will not make your deck less reptile theme based, this said those would really improve this deck.
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User Info: Elma007

7 years ago#8
Well talking about Reptile Decks there are 3 main reptile decks I can think of:
Alien Decks (in my opinion the best kind of reptile deck)
Venom Decks (the worst kind)
Reptilianne Decks (better than Venom decks but worse than Alien Decks)

The reason why Venom decks are so bad is that in the game there are only 2 types of Venom monsters Venom Snake and Venom Serpent (the other Venom monsters Venom Boa and Venom Cobra are not in this game) and they are weak without Venom Swamp. Without Venom Swamp your venom monsters are screwed and Venom Swamp screws over your stronger non-venom monsters (except for Vennominon and Vennominaga). Also I find it very hard to win with Vennominaga's effect as I often end up winning with plain old beat down. Having said this you are probably better off going pure alien. Venom Swamp will only help 4 monsters in your deck (the 2 venom monsters, Vennominon and Vennominaga) while it harms all your other monsters and with only 1 copy of Venom Swamp in your deck your Venom monsters won't do much.

User Info: Legoluigi

7 years ago#9
It is better to search for the Field Spell that you want instead of waiting to draw one that might not be good for the situation that you are in.
It's not should of, it's should've you idiots.
"Ha Ha Ha, Fan beats Man!" Fan, Futurama

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