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User Info: KaitoIcarus

6 years ago#1
Can someone direct me to a list of all monsters that replace themselves in the hand?

ex. E-Hero Stratos, Machina Gearframe, Volcanic Rocket...
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User Info: rvsoldier

6 years ago#2

User Info: Crimson_Phoenix

6 years ago#3
Instantly when used like Warrior of Atlantis or when a requirement is met like Sangan? or both.
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User Info: KaitoIcarus

6 years ago#4
I'm trying to abuse come-into-play effects with Mist Valley Falcon.
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User Info: MeltedPlastic

6 years ago#5[[Medium%3A%3AOCG]]+[[Actions%3A%3AAdds+from+Deck+to+hand]]%0A[[Card+Type%3A%3AEffect+Monsters]]&p=format%3Dbroadtable&po=%3FJapanese+Name%0A%3FCard+Type%0A%3FAttribute%0A%3FLevel%0A%3FType%0A%3FATK%0A%3FDEF%0A

User Info: MeltedPlastic

6 years ago#6[[Medium%3A%3AOCG]]+[[Actions%3A%3AAdds+from+Graveyard+to+hand]]%0A[[Card+Type%3A%3AEffect+Monsters]]&p=format%3Dbroadtable&po=%3FJapanese+Name%0A%3FCard+Type%0A%3FAttribute%0A%3FLevel%0A%3FType%0A%3FATK%0A%3FDEF%0A

You'll have to pick out the floaters; these are just lists of cards that add to hand from Deck/Graveyard.

User Info: fyuber

6 years ago#7
A suggestion I have for abusing Falcon is to use plants. You can return Miracle Fertilisers to use them more than once per turn, and you can recycle limit reverse to continuously summon Lonefire Blossoms.

User Info: MAtt5TER

6 years ago#8
You spend a turn Normal Summoning Mist Valley Falcon, and then you'll need to wait for next turn to Normal Summon the floater. It takes too long just to do a 2 card combo for +1. You're better off just trying to incorporate abusable Spells and Traps into a deck.
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