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User Info: Scripts

6 years ago#1

User Info: thoul

6 years ago#2
This is the first gameplay video I've seen. I'm surprised at just how closely this game mimics elements from Batman: Arkham Asylum. Those were really good elements in Arkham, though. If they hold up as well here, this could be a really enjoyable game. I'm definitely going to want to get this one at some point.
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User Info: jpv2000

6 years ago#3
It looks great.

Hopefully we'll have a great Captain America game.

From the demo it's hard to believe SEGA made this as it actually looks good, so far. ;-)

User Info: metaphysician

6 years ago#4
It actually looks shockingly good, for a Sega licensed game. Granted, this is because it looks like the designers plagiarized from Arkham Asylum as much as they possibly could, but hey, if your gonna clone, at least clone something good.
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User Info: Stedinator

6 years ago#5
^ Yeah. Blood Stone was a pretty fun game even though it was heavily borrowing a lot from Splinter Cell Conviction.
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User Info: TNKfox

6 years ago#6
I like the creative direction for the game. Must say that the demo was a welcomed shock from what I thought the game would've been like from just the first teaser trailer. Kudos to the developers! I'm looking forward to trying this out and seeing the movie.

User Info: TNKfox

6 years ago#7
Definitely. The evasive and countering elements from Batman are there and suit Captain America nicely I think. I also like the Xbox 360 platforming style.

User Info: shatterstar

6 years ago#8

I played the demo at PAX andboy was I amazed!

This movie game is a freak of nature because I have never seen a movie game with this level of polishing before in my life. The controls are tight, gameplay is awesome, and visuals are pretty good for a movie game.

I'm not a console fanboy but the 360 version was way better looking than the PS3 version and you could tell right off the bat. The 360 version had brighter and crisp colors and the light and shadow effects were better looking while the PS3 was knid of washed out and faded looking. I don't know if it were thesetting on the TV's or what.

This game looks like it has recieved the polishing and developing time of a AAA title.

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User Info: Katon

6 years ago#10
This game is starting to look much better to me. I really hope it beats the odds and ends up being a great movie game.
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