Multiplayer for this game??

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User Info: thefabregas22

6 years ago#1
I think there should definatly be multiplayer for this game aha. Now the way it would work is there a 12 people in a game 6 daniel species and 6 monster species. The daniels have to escape from the castle and they each are in a different part of the castle so you never meet up with another Daniel. Until half way through where you all end up in the same part of the castle. Now the daniels can voice chat to other daniels btw and the monsters can voice chat to other monsters. But no monster daniel chat! Now there will be puzzles just like in single player. Now you are wondering huh how will the puzzles work when they all go to the same place in the middle well good thinking. What happens is when you solve a puzzle that puzzles exit get barricaded off. So everyone has to do different puzzles. Now for monster species. There job is to hunt the daniels and there before half way thorugh there is one monster following one daniel then once you all end up in the same part of the castle all 6 monsters are looking for all 6 daniels. Now if a monster finds a daniel and touches him in the right spot IE the head he will die in one touch. Also when all the daniels end up in the same part of the castle they have a chance to put something to block the doors and if they block the door daniels cant get through it so theres only 5 doors then in the next area 4 then 3 and you have gotten the idea. So if 5 daniels each block their door then the last daniel is trapped. Now he can try and hide but he may still be found. Now the reason for locking the doors is it takes the monster 3 seconds to break it down. I hope you enjoyed my idea give your feeback please.

User Info: No_Mega

6 years ago#2

User Info: the_NGW

6 years ago#3

Not every game needs multiplayer. Stop supporting the cancer that is killing the genre and the industry.
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User Info: ninto55

6 years ago#4
This is just a terrible idea, I get what you are going for, having multiple people in the castle at once, like single player while others are playing singleplayer as well, its not a good idea at all, but I could see why people would kind of like it.. I guess.
What kills it is having monsters controlled by other players, since the humans can't fight the monsters the monsters could just find an easy spot to attack Daniel while he was in his inventory or something. It would just take a minute before all the Daniels are dead.

Not all games need multiplayer. Forcing it only works in a few cases (I think Resident Evil did it well, even though I hate RE5 as a RE game, but looking at it as a cooperative shooter, its not bad)
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User Info: OTM_abc

6 years ago#5
Monster players would just camp key puzzle spots and it would be unfinishable.
LOL, terrible idea is terrible.

User Info: Strawberry_Jum

6 years ago#6
The only multiplayer mode I could see working is putting x amount of players in a type of labyrinth (same or different starting points, whatever), and a 'constant' (as in, doesn't run out, not one straight after another) flow of monsters coming around corners, searching for the players, smashing doors down, combing rooms, etc. The insanity effects would play a huge part, throwing in a lot of hallucinations and illusions and whatnot (one particular one I could think of is having a monster appear to be another player, nametag and all, so you run past it thinking you're safe, then bam).

Last man standing wins. But the AI wouldn't be quite so terrible.
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User Info: 2Dhas_a_MIGRANE

6 years ago#7
Maybe some kind of thing like this would work, with a new campaign with multiplayer puzzles or maybe you have to split up and do different things at the same time. The monsters would have to be CPUs. The only problem is in most multiplayer games there is communication, like in Left 4 Dead or Halo. But such communication wouldn't work in a game where you are meant to be stealthy, and things like radio headsets haven't been created. So yelling across a room to help with a puzzle would be against the purpose of this game. I don't have a problem with multiplayer in a game like this if it could be implemented effectively, but I really don't see how it's realistically possible.
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User Info: Okay_Computer

6 years ago#8
I think a co-op campaign would work much better. It would be awesome to be able to freak out with a friend. Any multiplayer besides that gets a firm 'no' from me, though.
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