So, Daniel was...(SPOILERS).

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User Info: Foxhound3857

5 years ago#1
Killing innocents all along to ward off the Shadow? None of them were guilty of any vile crimes whatsoever?

And what about the Blood Warding and Banishing rituals? It's never explained how Alexander came to learn of these, or if they even work or exist. I'm a little lost here.
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User Info: xGRIMxR3APERx

5 years ago#2
Alexander is otherworldly, so I assume he just knew of the rituals and such. Daniel tortured people that Alexander told him were criminals (wether they were or not is a bit unclear). Torturing gives off vitae, which is used (somehow...) to ward off the shadow. Alexander came to find that torture was the most efficient way to gather vitae, as opposed to just killing them. The amnesia potion was made so that they could torture the people again and again, and be sure that they were properly terrified to give off the most vitae, since it would be like a new experience each time.

User Info: Foxhound3857

5 years ago#3
Did the Blood Warding and Banishment rituals actually work though? Or were they duds?
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User Info: xGRIMxR3APERx

5 years ago#4
I don't recall what those were exactly. I think Daniel and Alexander were going to do them, but Daniel decided to kill him before it happened. And Alexander was just using the vitae and Daniel for his own purposes anyways. I think that he was just leading him on to have him help out with the work. But I haven't played it in a while. My memory isn't the freshest on what exactly went down.

User Info: lukus_80

5 years ago#5
Foxhound3857 posted...
Did the Blood Warding and Banishment rituals actually work though? Or were they duds?

They did work, because they were meant to slow the Shadow down. However, Weyer (the guy who wanted to help Agrippa) actually found a way to completely rid an orb of a Shadow (the method is not mentioned), which is how he managed to fully exploit the orb's power. Alexander exploited Daniel's fear of the Shadow to keep doing his dirty work, by only slowing it down, rather than getting rid of it completely.

User Info: lunajenny

5 years ago#6
From what I gathered:

Alexander is from another world, and is basically a kind of magician. His magic is powered by vitae which is latin for life, and it is contained within blood (blood being life or a vessel for life is a common them in many works of fiction)

To begin with he extracted it from the blood of animals, but it was weak. He found that the vitae in human blood is stronger still. However, the best results in both cases were on tortured victims. When a person is afraid and in pain their blood becomes saturated by vitae in much greater quantities.

He initially used his political power to acquire criminals and wring them of their vitae. People became suspicious so he used the orb to try to open the gate with too little vitae, the result was that the orb shattered.

Then he recieved a letter from Daniel about the orb and the shadow, he invited Daniel to his castle to 'protect him'

The shadow was following Daniel and Alexander knew he was running out of time, so he had Daniel participate in the tortures since he trusted him. As they began to run out of prisoner they went as far as to abduct innocent people including children from nearby villages.

Alexander finally had enough vitae to open the gate, but couldn't bring Daniel or the shadow would follow. So he locked Daniel out of the chamber, knowing that the shadow would only need to kill one person before it went away so Daniels sacrifice would get rid of it.

Daniel was disgusted in himself and Alexander. he wiped his memory with the Amnesia drug, leaving himself a letter to go and kill Alexander after he awakes.

In the revenge ending Daniel sacrificed Alexander to the shadow so the shadow left him alone. In the Good ending they were apparently both devoured, but Daniel's soul was saved by whatshisface.

Vitae can be used for other magic than just opening the gate. Blood warding is one of them, stopping Alexander's aging was another.

I am confused about the monsters though, were they working for Alexander of The Shadow? Or were they just mindless reality warping beasts?

User Info: gc3n

5 years ago#7
^The monsters were working for Alexander.

They were once his servants but they drank wine Alexander tainted.

Also wasn't there a third ending?
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User Info: UmiKaru

5 years ago#8
Good, Bad and Revenge Ending.

Bad ending was letting alexander complete the portal and he enters it.
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