What maps to choose to get the achievements!

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User Info: calevenice

7 years ago#1
Below is a list of the achievements along with their descriptions. Below that is what map I've done to get the achievements. You should probably have the AI on skilled and not expert when attempting these achievements. Also remember that many of these achievements do not require you to win the match.

Daylight Saving (5) Win a match without the time expiring in any turn (Skilled/Expert)
Fear of Flying (20) Win a match without using a carrier (Empire campaign)
Financially Independent (20) Win a match before the supporting funds go up (Skilled/Expert)
Global Warfare (25) Complete the entire campaign
Got it Covered (10) Build enough armed cannons to cover all remaining tiles in the map (Skilled/Expert)
Island of Doom (10) Destroy an enemy island of at least 3 tiles by strategically placing a harvester (Pirate campaign)
Lost in the Wave (5) Destroy an enemy unit or building with a chain reaction (Freemen campaign)
Manual Override (30) Win while only losing harvesters through self-destruct, own 1 or more each turn (4P, Skilled/Expert)
Moving through the Ranks (20) Earn 9 titles
One at a Time (20) Win by fighting all enemies 1 at a time (4P, Skilled/Expert)
Use it Wisely (20) Earn a combination of credits, tiles and carriers as an elimination bonus (Skilled/Expert)
With Cannon, you can (15) Fire a free shell from a free cannon at the enemy you captured it from (Cartel campaign)

Daylight Saving: Just don't let the timer run out

Fear of Flying: Pirate Lagoon (level 21): Build a cannon on the middle level 3 tile and a harvester on the closest level 4 tile ASAP. Next, buy 6 ammo for the cannon. Finally, fire all 6 shots at the enemy in one turn in order to reduce all of their tiles with buildings or units to critical state, then hit one that is critical state to end the match and get the achievement. You may need to build a harvester on your starting tile after you get your cannon.

Financially Independent: Morana Fields (2-player): Grab as much land as you can as fast as possible. At least 30 tiles must be standing (possibly as low as 28? not proven) for the supporting funds to stay at 10. Build your initial factory away from your units, but in the middle of the map. Do not build harvesters (remember, you are trying to protect the tiles). There are 64 tiles on this map and I got away with 34 of them left. To make more sense story-wise, be the freemen and let them summon you as Captain Planet! (ok... that was lame)

Global Warfare: Just complete the campaign. The empire campaign has some tough parts. By this time you should not be making many mistakes (i.e. sending 1 unit in a carrier when you meant to send 16 >.<). If your main strategy isn't working, try something new, such as a bigger island or more pressure from cannon.

Got it Covered: Evander's Cliff or Mokosh Dam (2-player): I still haven't got this one yet. I almost got it on Evander's Cliff since I had my 2 tiles with cannons and their tile with a cannon, but I didn't have all of the cannons loaded :( Make sure you load those cannons. This can probably work on any map, just remember to finish up with a cannon shot and have your cannons loaded.

User Info: calevenice

7 years ago#2
Island of Doom: one of the maps during pirate campaign: Just fly over and place a harvester on an island with 3 tiles on it. Make sure to place it on a spot where that harvester will finish off the entire island no matter what (i.e. this will not count (untested) on a 3-tile island with all tiles at height 3 since the computer can capture the harvester then self destruct it to keep a 2-tile island with both tiles at height 1. However this will work on a 3-tile island with all tiles at height 2 or lower).

Lost in the Wave: one of the maps during the freemen campaign: Just self-destruct a harvester or use a cannon shot to start a chain reaction to destroy an enemy building or unit. Warning: If you fire a cannon shot at a group of 5 or less walkers to try and get this, it probably won't count since the walkers are destroyed before the chain reaction occurs. Remember, critical (height 1) tiles are what get destroyed in a chain reaction.

Manual Override: a 4-player map: I suggest attempting this achievement on Emperial Territories due to the very high initial height of the titles and the amount there are. Other maps I suggest is ones that have the armies converge towards the middle (Ravimaris Plains, Asphodel Forest, Asaphyr Crossing, and Northern Steps). Good luck on this one, especially since its the hardest achievement to get in this game (worth 30 G)

Moving through the Ranks: complete the campaign: Just complete the campaign and you will receive this achievement as long as you quit a mission instead of losing it. To quit a mission, press the start button to pause, then select quit. You can do this as an enemy is flying over with a carrier to take your last tile. Remember you only need to win the 6 empire missions (19 to 24 in order). If you don't get the crusader title ("flawless" empire campaign), then you can play online a few matches and you should get your 9th title in no time (Assuming you can find a match, which may be hard considering there are only 235 people on the [combined] leaderboards at the time of me writing this).

One at a time: a 4-player map where armies diverge away from one another: A good map to try this one on will probably be Morana Base or Mines of Ad Valorem. I haven't done this one, so good luck!

Use it wisely: any 3-player or 4-player map (you don't get an elimination bonus if you win, so you can't do this on a 2-player map): I haven't got this one yet (you can't do this in campaign...). Checklist to get this achievement: When you kill an enemy: make sure they have at least 1 vacant tile, make sure there is another enemy still kicking, make sure they have at least 1 gold, and make sure they have at least 1 transport. By they, I mean the enemy you are eliminating. Its possible that this achievement will be easier to obtain by having at least 1 AI set to skilled and expert.

With Cannon, You Can: Any map in the Cartel campaign (I got this one on Asarium Ridge): This takes some planning. You need to be patient and watch for the enemy cannons to load up (and even be created for that matter). Remember, once you capture the LOADED cannon, you must hold it for one turn then fire back on its ORIGINAL OWNER. You can usually hold a cannon by using 2 transports or by rushing to get next to an enemy's cannon and then waiting for them to load it before you attack (that's what I did). Remember, the range on a cannon is 2-5 tiles. This means they can not fire adjacent to them nor can they fire past a distance of 5 tiles. You can check any cannon's range (including enemy units) at any time by pressing X on it. Its possible you can use this same technique to see the movement range of walkers (yours and the enemies')

Anyways, I hoped this helped and good luck on getting those achievements.


User Info: mopeyking

7 years ago#3

Thx, one question though for island of doom, do i have to maintain control of the harvester i put on the island of thethree tiles--> thus meaning i need and island of 4 tiles. Second do all the tiles have to break away at the same time?

User Info: mopeyking

7 years ago#4

nvm ^

User Info: Gust

7 years ago#5
Note on "Got it covered"
I got the achievement when I had 8 cannons on the map. 5 with 1 shell, 1 with 2 shells and 50 gold.
The enemy had one tile with one armed cannon on.
So, it doesn't seem that you need to have the whole map full of armed cannons, just enough of them to get it, and your enemy can still be alive.
Sanity is for the weak
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