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User Info: Stejpan

8 years ago#1
Is this going to replace Mainichi Isshou? And will we have to buy everything just so Toro isn't camping out like a homeless guy?
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User Info: takotchi

8 years ago#2
Yes, it replaces Mainichi Issho. It costs about $8 per 30 days to get anything decent out of it... like a house, trophies, &c.

User Info: phasesout

8 years ago#3
They should add soup kitchens and hospitality houses so he can get back up on his feet. He should get a job and earn his own money rather than live out of my wallet.

User Info: Arkane Denial

Arkane Denial
8 years ago#4
^ That's why he wants to be a human.

But I suppose you don't know Toro.

Man, internet lingo, it makes me lol.
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User Info: urmie

8 years ago#5
I'll stick to the free stuff, not paying for anything in this app, I guess Toro is gonna be homeless then. =>_<=
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