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User Info: kyousukez91

7 years ago#1
had anyone here try this game yet?huhu

User Info: DarkSinz72

7 years ago#2
i'm looking forward to it W00t!
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User Info: peacefulchaos

7 years ago#3
I can post my impressions in the next few hours, my copy from play-asia should be on its way any minute. I'm hoping for some exclusive outfits and maps, and maybe some cross talk with the ps3 version.

User Info: nintendo_hunter

7 years ago#4
Please do,Im really looking forward to this as well
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User Info: peacefulchaos

7 years ago#5
Okay, just made my own officer and cleared the first mission. Time for initial impressions, the good, the bad and the awkward.

The Good: Faithful recreation of of Shin Sangoku Musou 5 Empires on PSP, responsive controls, tight gameplay, added Vs. Mode, multiplayer is still intact (and the box mentions 4 player multiplayer, so I'm assuming that's for vs), main campaign is co-op, nearly all stock character creation options are intact.

The Bad: Atrocious load times. Several minute long load for the first mission. My psp screen went to sleep while it was loading. The visuals are somewhat ugly, as in they are very colorless and bland. Pop up is terrible. Enemies and allies will disappear more than a foot or two away from you, no more than five or so characters on screen at once and if someone disappears but you move the camera ever so slightly, they'll suddenly pop back up which results in constant popping in and out of very with every attack animation. Very distracting. Also, unless it needs to be unlocked or will be released online later, none of the DLC outfits are available and there are less options for things like hair color (20 on consoles, 16 in game for hair color). Also, height and weight sliders have been replaced with three pre-sets for each that basically are adult, child and creepy jail bait.

Also, the controls are a little awkward for abilities. You've got to hold left on the d-pad, then press a face button. Not really a better way they could've done this though so I don't fault em' for it.

The Awkward: Unless you have a copy of the game on consoles or a very accurate strategy guide with you, picking abilities and cards for your avatar is pretty much impossible without being fluent in Japanese. Upgrading your skills should be pretty cake with the icons for the three paths, but buying new weapon upgrades and the like without fluent Japanese will be hours of trial and error. Since cards and upgrades are pretty crucial I recommend comparing to the console version if you can. I'm gonna make a FAQ for this game in my spare time though, so with a little patience you'll at least have a partial translation guide. Also, if you intend on getting married I would suggest having only one person of the opposite sex with you unless you are memorize the kanji for the person's name, or else marry a pre-made avatar and make the name in English.

The final verdict: Unless you either know Japanese, or just really want Empires on the go I don't know that I'd recommend this as it's going to be a lot of trouble for non native speakers. Overall the gameplay is very well done even if the pop-up really messes with the experience (and makes me wonder since Shin Sangoku Musou 5: Special didn't have anywhere near as bad pop-up) and the long load times are taxing. Even with these flaws, the overall delivery is well done and I hope for an English localization. That or I hope to team with someone a bit more in the know and release a translation patch for all the skills and missions.

Score: B+ (with points taken off for load times and pop-up)

User Info: peacefulchaos

7 years ago#6
Actually a B. Sorry for the double post but I forgot to mention the absolutely bizarre occurrence in the menu screen. If you pick any option, events, store, etc. the game literally freezes with a ten to fifteen second load time before advancing to the sub menu. Bizarre...

User Info: kyousukez91

7 years ago#7
i have the game also now...but i didn't meet the problems like u, the 1 which loading very 1 run smooth, but the 1 u said the ppl will disappear when far away from u , that;s true, then other's all ok wor...

User Info: peacefulchaos

7 years ago#8
Well, if the game loads lightning fast and smoothly, it's due to being an iso of the game. I reviewed the game on a psp 3000 and ran into all the issues above. I then ripped my legal copy of the game (by the way, the box art is amazing. The website just shows the logo box, the actual game comes with a glossy reflective double sided case with Cao Ren on one side with a blue backdrop, and the girl from the Wu that uses a bow and arrow in a pink backdrop) to my memory stick and tried again, instant load times.

Hopefully you did the same thing though, as more sales will encourage Koei to localize the game outside of Japan.

User Info: eclipseline

7 years ago#9
The game gets boring real quick <_<
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User Info: peacefulchaos

7 years ago#10
I find it's more fun if you become a ruler, start doing things like getting married, establishing bonds of brotherhood, that kinda thing. Vagabond mode was boring and I've never tried officer mode (where you served under a ruler basically a la every other dynasty warriors but with conquesting in mind)

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