Does anyone even play multiplayer?

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  3. Does anyone even play multiplayer?

User Info: gamerrox

6 years ago#1
Ah, it's one of those "where is everyone?" questions. I got it during the Steam Sale since I adored the demo and the first game's multiplayer with the traitor factor involved. Yet there doesn't seem to be a single multiplayer game running. Has the multiplayer theater run dry already?

User Info: ForcefulBoot

6 years ago#2
yeah i got the game. You can play but it can take 10-15 minutes to get a full game.
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User Info: Hypereia

6 years ago#3
I got the game yesterday and had some great games, I even began hosting my own player matches and met some others and we set up our own K&L steam group.

List your steam name and I'll try to get you added.

FYI: Player matches still rank you up, but I don't think they affect your leaderboard ranking, not that many care about that anyways.
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  3. Does anyone even play multiplayer?

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