The Cave Ogre

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User Info: Vamphaery

7 years ago#1
And I thought the Yeti was tough. >_<

User Info: KudZu

7 years ago#2
Yeah, it would be literally impossible for me to beat him right now on my barbarian.

User Info: grandra

7 years ago#3
As a sorc I had to get to level 30 in order to beat him, have 62 def, legendary/ epic gear, and I still almost died 20/177 hp left, he is rediculous

User Info: CashPrizes

7 years ago#4
He was easy for me on my assassin, I think I was level 17 or 18. Just had to keep skulls off the map, and i poisoned him 2x (does 46 damage over 8 turns). So he was like down to 150hp, and then i just took down his defenses to 0 with nerve pinch, disarmed him, went stealth, and unleashed like 120 damage with two strikes. I then had to scrape the rest of the match with weapons and skulls, but it really wasn't hard.

User Info: Vamphaery

7 years ago#5
Well I'm a level 20 assassin and it's impossible for me at present lol. Guess I'm just getting unlucky.

User Info: Phadin

7 years ago#6
I took him down with a level 21 assassin, and I'm not even that well built. I'm using Disarm, Stealth, Freezing Strike, Swift Strike, and Stone Strike. My equipment is all basic or Fine level equipment with the exception of my poison which is Epic Ancient. Total defense of 63.

Don't get me wrong, it was a tough fight and it was a close finish, but a win is a win.

Consider a bit of Vitality if you don't have any. I have 6 Vitality, so my assassin went in with about 175 HP.

User Info: xthewingmanx

7 years ago#7
Oh man I hate this guy. I gave up and went to bed after about 5 long failures. I'm a level 21 assassin and currently am using Black Jack, Stealth, Swift Strike, Freezing Strike, and Stone Strike. I'm thinking about switching out Black Jack with Pressure Point and then maybe one of the strikes with Disarm. Unfortunately I just spent most of my upgrading items on upgrading stuff that won't be helpful for this fight, so maybe I'll come back to this later after I get more items and can upgrade more. I'm gonna give CashPrizes' method an attempt, except my poison is only legendary and costs 6 AP. Good luck to everyone with this Cave Ogre.

User Info: Vamphaery

7 years ago#8
I just have horrible luck. As in life, so too in games lol.

I have tried everything imaginable to beat this guy. I'm level 24 now. I have 180+ HP, my armor rating is 68, I have +15 defense, +13 spell resistance, and I combine poison, color strikes, stealth, and I've tried using blackjack and pressure point. He just gets incredibly lucky every single time. By incredibly lucky, I'm talking MULTIPLE heroic efforts in a row, followed by massive damage. This happens no matter what I try.

Eventually I know I'll get lucky and he'll fall.

User Info: xthewingmanx

7 years ago#9
I just beat him after 4 more tries. My assassin had a poison that cost 6 AP and did 5 damage for 7 turns. I find that works better for consistent damage without having to worry about armor. Then I replaced Black Jack with Disarm and had Stealth, Green and Yellow Strikes, and Pressure Point. Pressure Point is really import in order to get the full effect of the your strikes. 2 Blue gems reduces his armor to 22, and 3 gems all the way to 0. Also, try and make sure to grab gauntlets because, if I remember correctly, one attack from Cave Ogre does 52 or 56 damage. It's also not a bad idea to carry a good shield to boost your chance of blocking attacks because that will help keep stealth active longer. Don't forget to spam poison and keep your purple up and you should be okay.

I think there should have been an achievement for this guy more so than the Yetti.

User Info: The Flood

The Flood
7 years ago#10
Just do what I did. After losing 4 or 5 times, just ignore him till you're lvl 46 and come back and destroy his cheap ass.

I beat the arch lich and green dragon easier than him, and at lower levels.
Okay, so I'm not a.. uh... good... word.. guy...

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