Statue puzzle

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User Info: KaidanforPres

7 years ago#1
So just after Solomon's tomb, there's the puzzle with the two statues. Am I missing something here? I turn the crank at the bottom, the stairs pop up, I go upstairs, turn the crank, does nothing. What else is there in here to do? I can jump onto a column, but can go nowhere from there. How do I solve this?

User Info: QueenAshlee

7 years ago#2

freeze the water and turn the crank, the arms hit the ice in certain positions so you can turn one peice at a time, make the staff match up & the statue face you.

User Info: KaidanforPres

7 years ago#3
Hah, thanks. I was actually just about to post that I figured it out. Failforme.

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