how to unlock lu bu ?

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User Info: rado050

7 years ago#1
how to unlock lu bu ?

User Info: pure295

7 years ago#2
he's not in the game

User Info: shadowskull123

7 years ago#3
yea he died in the previous game

User Info: OmegaNeuron

7 years ago#4
very bad I am gonna cry that he is dead .....why .why (sarcasm on)

User Info: nikelin

7 years ago#5
nope u can unlock him, jus hav a strikeforce jap version savefile in ur memory u should be able to unlock him, thats how i gt him in the first place, but as for sellecting lu bu as ur team mate, i hav no idea, so much that i hav to stick to Cwcheat to get him as my teamate

so basicly, if u hav a completed jap strikeforce savefile(with all chars unlocked) u can unlock everyone in this game by jus having the game read the savefile, well belive it a not

User Info: OmegaNeuron

7 years ago#6
is any of the jap saves here working?

I downloaded some saves but will the game read them.

And how to load game saves from the previous version?

Here is a video of lu bu:

User Info: nikelin

7 years ago#7
i think i jus jus figure out hw to unlock lu bu as a partner

and also lubu returns in this game


if u chose xiang yu's campain, during chapter 2, after defeating a certain stage, there is a cutsence showing diao chan being attack by tacora warriors, and lubu throws his sky piecer down from the sky to save her, and proceed to battle xiang yu, after that lu bu should be unlocked, becasue i used CWcheat eariler so i am nt sure welther finishing xiang yu's campian chapter 2 will unlock him, bt he is present at the chapter 2 end cutsence standing with diao chan

the jap saves are working, bt i preciosly played strikeforce 1 jap version so i am using mine

User Info: Gundam_X3

7 years ago#8
You don't unlock lu bu on chapter 2, I know it cause I don't cheat, as of yet, I'm on chapter 4 of Xiang Yu and Lu bu is yet to appear again... sad T_T
Haro is our friend... Be nice...

User Info: Desgaron

7 years ago#9
You unlock Lu Bu on the last story mission of stage 2, Xiang Yu.
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User Info: Gundam_X3

7 years ago#10
what that guy said previously
Haro is our friend... Be nice...

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