Be prepared for disappointment

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User Info: radewagon

7 years ago#21
Gotta be honest.

Didn't really expect this much love for the ol' FF. Just considered it a relic of the past that was bigger as an influence than as an actual game. I played it as a kid in arcades. I played it on the Sega CD with my brother and got a ton of playability out of it. Then, I picked up a Mame Rom in college and the game just wasn't as good as I remembered it. It just wasn't fun anymore. Everything was so... static and basic. Anyway, I decided to give it another chance when Capcom Classics Collection came out for the PS2. Same problem though. After all the nostalgia wore off, it was just a game that wasn't much fun.

But I guess I'm alone on that. I've been gaming long enough that I'm rarely wrong about a game, but maybe I'm just wrong about FF. Maybe the collective consciousness has the right idea.

So, for the time being. I just don't get it, guys. I've played the game a lot. All your reasons are ones that I can understand. But... I just don't get the modern day appeal of this particular old school title.

User Info: kentuckyfr1ed

7 years ago#22
^ I'm having the same problem with the nostalgia. What was great, back then, just doesn't measure up as much anymore now that I've played more games and technology has advanced.

I am surprised that nobody's really jumped back into the foray of a more modern beat-'em up on the next-gen consoles. At least none come to mind immediately, unless you're counting stuff like God of War 3.

User Info: funguy2233

7 years ago#23
I love 2d beat em ups and I think no 3d beat em up will ever top them. Turtles in time re-shelled is a perfect example of why not, but I will admit this game has not aged as well as some of the others.

I remember loving it as a kid but it hasn't held up as well as some of the other beat em ups from the same time period. The ninja turtle games for example are both better and to me are the best beat em ups ever made and they are just as great now as they were back then.

It doesn't mean this isn't still a great game to me, just that its not as great as I remember. You need to understand TC that although a lot of the love is from nostalgia there are also some of us who prefer 2d and accept any flaws the game have as part of their charm. Sure Kratos might be more fluid and more brutal in his execution, but at the end of the day you are still doing the same thing you are doing in FF. Pretty attack buttons to make simple combos and trying not to get hit. They've just made games easier is all.

And like someone else mentioned, this game was meant to be played over time not in 1 sitting. Imagine being a kid back then and you only had 1 or 2 quarters in your pocket. You would play 2 games and then wait until a few days later when you might get a dollar and go back. Naturally you would get better over time so the gme would get easier and better since you were accomplishing more every time.

User Info: xxVENOM

7 years ago#24
hahaha, TC: what are you, like, 12 years old?

User Info: Yamato_Gunner

7 years ago#25
Get over yourself would you? I too played the last few versions of Final Fight and even the exact arcade version on FF Streetwise (on old Xbox) and I still got this PS3 version because I still like it.

And since you made this thread means you are ignorant of the part where it now allows people to help eachother online.And it comes with a 2nd game.

Oh well,maybe you should go back to playing your streets of rage and leave us Final Fight fans be.
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User Info: radewagon

7 years ago#26

Yes. I am a 12 year old boy who grew up playing Final Fight in the arcades and on the Sega CD. You are quite clever and good at math.

I can understand the disagreements, but insults that have no basis on what I have said... that's just sad.

User Info: xenodolf

7 years ago#27
I just started surfing the PS3 version's boards today and I happen upon this tread. Wow, you're lucky this wasn't posted on the 360 board because I have been lurking on that for weeks encouraging people to buy this game. I can't believe you would be such a jerk as to use your own lack of talent at oldschool beat 'em ups (Final Fight isn't even that hard. Go play Undercover Cops and see how long you can survive in the mole-man level) to dissuade newcomers to the game(s) not to buy them. You realize that we depend on this game selling well to get more classic Capcom beat 'em ups on the XBLA/PSN? If even one person took your pathetic rant seriously and didn't buy the game, you inflicted damage against all the efforts of people like myself trying to coax companies into re-releasing more of their classic titles onto modern systems.

Final Fight was worth paying money for back in 1989, just as it is in 2010 and just as it will be in 2100. I have a dozen or so younger friends who never even played the SNES/Sega CD versions of this game and think that Final Fight is awesome. Your argument is invalid and I suggest you use a little common sense before posting such inflammatory threads again.
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User Info: NovaKaneX

7 years ago#28
TC ain't built for beat 'em ups.
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User Info: Exorcist777

7 years ago#29
I agree with Xenodolf on the importance of Final Fight and this particular release. Final Fight is a classic and I do believe it holds up in its genre.
The TC just posted his opinion and I think there's no need to attack him or call him names like that. I guess oldschool beat 'm ups aren't for everybody. I do hope capcom will release more of these. Maybe some "rare" ones that haven't had a release outside of the arcade.

User Info: John_Dane

7 years ago#30
Lots of flames and ignorant hatred for a guy who simply stated his thoughts on the game, in a logical and coherent fashion. In the end, he recommends against buying it for the wrong reasons (i.e., people who have no idea about what Final Fight is really about). I agree with him, for his reasons, and for the fact that you could just get the real game for free, or one of the various ports for SNES.

The TC hasn't been disrespectful or condescending, but almost all the replies make him seem like he's insulted your religions. If he doesn't like the game, it's his opinion, but if you like the game, it's objective fact?

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