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User Info: houseofpain2

7 years ago#1

3 different games in a row and the American's "won't" make it past the first roadblock because they won't plant the charges. I like this game but I just might cancel my preorder and get my money back if the moron:player ratio gets any higher. I've even had teammates who are too busy exposing our positions by shooting at each other.

I chose to snipe for one and some retard stands next to me shooting me only to get shot. Way to drop our respawn tickets dumbass.

And why the **** does gamespot censor the word r e t a r d

User Info: Surv1valism

7 years ago#2
Soo...your complaining about people who don't do objectives...while you sit back and play MW2 a lot dont you....
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User Info: KabtheMentat

7 years ago#3
This has gotta be a joke...

He's complaining about people not planting the charges while he's hanging back sniping...ON OFFENSE? Yeah, typical MW2 player. And this is coming from another MW2 I can spot them pretty easily.
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User Info: Snokin

7 years ago#4
I have more of a problem with people who don't bother to disarm.

User Info: houseofpain2

7 years ago#5

I didn't know our English speaking countries had a literacy problem. "I chose to snipe once" The missing c was a typo but since "one" is also a word the spell check missed it. The thing is whether I snipe or not, I joined these games with 60 respawn tickets available at the first road block. Half the tickets were gone, first objective still not complete, and our team had 10 players the other team had 6.

And no I do not play MW2, MW2 was on the desk unused for months until I traded it in for Red Dead Redemption.

When there is a distinct advantage and no one wants to take it for an easy win honestly shows me that there are more MW2 players in the beta than there should be. You can go 53-2 on Mission and still lose skill if your team doesn't make it past the first objective, k/d ratio and scorechain don't mean anything if you still lose the round.


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