Anybody else actually like the flamethrower?

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User Info: SerHound

6 years ago#1
I see it getting a lot of hate and I wanted to point out how useful it is in certain situations.

The flamethrower sets things on fire (duh). However, what's important is that once something is on fire it takes sustained damage and it only takes the briefest little spurt of flame to set them alight. If you're holding down the button, you're wasting ammo.

Proper flamethrower usage: tap the trigger just long enough to spray an area and set necros on fire, then run away. Watch them burn and scream (it stuns when upgraded) and repeat as necessary. The ammo is plentiful and when used in this fashion it's VERY efficient.

It's true that it lacks hard stopping power, but that's why you should have a force gun too.

The fact remains that the flamethrower is very useful for the economical player who wants to save ammo and buy as many of them power nodes as possible.
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User Info: Oneiros1

6 years ago#2
I just think it's silly that the flamethrower is usable in a vacuum. :)

User Info: MrStarkiller

6 years ago#3
Not in part 1. I wasn't bothered about not being able to use it without oxygen (now that I think about it, it would be annoying to only have it on you and try to destroy the gravity beams on the asteroid of DS1 *have to keep PC with me for said bit I guess*) so much as the other considerations...weak, inaccurate, terrible range (outside zero-g secondary shots), stuns aren't as effective as they should be, area-of-effect isn't spread well, secondary harms us, secondary is better on surfaces than when applied directly to targets, etc. The weakness of it is the most rediculous besides short duration. It sort of seemed like the MAX'd DLC Flamethrower was only just qualified for being the weapon's base before upgrading and other considerations.

As for part 2, I should like it well enough after the noted buff, altered secondary (not sure about how many units it uses *if the whole tank, it better be damned devastating or I won't use it lightly*...maybe TK it and laugh it again), usable without air *curious, but a perk's a perk if a bit magical*, zero-g range increase is probable. Though it might have helped for an 'air' version (rather than liquid), to get an upgrade or so in 'coverage' (spray distance, width, etc.), besides capacity, duration, damage, etc. It lacks a 'special'. Increased stun effectiveness might help. I just hope that if I were to ignite the crotch or neck, that the damage is dealt while applying to multiple points (working on the legs or head/arms).

We'll see soon enough. If it indeed has the power increase needed, I can take a 'light stun' and then just wait out their death as if some manner of poison.

I consider myself an 'economical player' in that I don't tend to use guns, terribly many med packs/stasis packs, etc. to begin with. Without buying nodes, you don't have much in the way of financial woes. Same for the base RIG user.

I do find the RIG upgrades for impale DMG appealing. I wish Kinesis had its own section still. Maybe ONE upgrade for large increases in TK range, two 50% (as it is now) for TK'd objects in general *rather than just impale*...aside from class 4 (explosives getting stronger would be great, but utterly nonsensical and maybe a special upgrade for picking up some light foes will still alive (Crawlers, Swarm etc.) If they had to, I'd be willing to accept having class 5 (impale) as distinct from class 1-3 (lesser objects, delimbs and knockdowns). If they fancy allowing for a class 4 upgrade in DMG (or even blast radius), I'd like it well enough.

Upgrading stasis charges (energy) makes sense to me much more than the duration (it doesn't increase by leaps in bounds to match that of stasis cannisters or Contact Beam alt fire special) *lacking in 'area-of-effect'/blast radius* much less the 'recharge'. Starting at 100 seconds and upgrading until at 80 second waits? With the Advanced Suit, this isn't so sad. I imagine the Elite Advanced Suit's MAX'd stasis duration is 'good' (haven't seen that used yet). If each upgrade took off 20 seconds, 60 second waits would be just swell before the Advanced Suit reduces them to 30 seconds (combat ready you could say...rather than just for 'between-bout-moments'). Dedicating a node or picking a suit for a certain perk should be notable. 30 seconds is still quite a bit of time to wait without using stasis again if you wanted it during a fight.

The charge upgrades for Contact Beam seem like they would be good, though the DLC version apparently sends you straight to an instant fire version if I'm not misremembering (0.1 second wait).

~I look foward to working with it in DS2. DS1 focus on it will prove regrettable in a One-Gun NUR+

User Info: TheUnmaker

6 years ago#4
I myself am a complete pyro and love the flamethrower. The secondary only uses up 30 ammo to my memory, it just forces you to immediately reload. Along with the javelin gun those necros never stood a chance. Those weapons are only my favourites through personal preference though, I've found the plasma cutter, pulse rifle and other favourites to be just as devastating if you use them right.

An interesting note on the flamethrower is that the shop describes it as a "Hydrazine torch". I have no experience with hydrazine myself, but from my knowledge hydrazine doesn't actually burn, it's a really unstable chemical that produces a lot of heat when it reacts. This means the flamethrower should work perfectly in a vacuum, making Dead Space 2 the more scientifically accurate. Of course, nodoby uses hydrazine torches IRL so it's difficult to say how one could work.

User Info: MrStarkiller

6 years ago#5
I believe some science lads noted that it would only act as thrusters in a vacuum rather than a flame. Without gravity, it would burn through its fuel and strangle itself faster/easier while burning bluer in spheres and the like. We still have an air version rather than a liquid version cosmetically (it seems).

>30 units
So long as the explosion packs a punch while igniting those not killed nicely (maybe having their fiery corpses burn those that touch them). I hope the weapon stacks properly (if not granting a multiplier of any sort). Fire a shot that covers a large area on a specific point and I'd like multiple limbs to sustain damage and delimb.

It won't be worth much against the Ubermorph outside maybe secondary blowing it apart and those nearby. Risky business to One-Gun with it. Really should have a 'special'. Extreme duration would be just lovely.

~I'm quite sure I'll like it better than the DS1 model

User Info: AwesomeID32000

6 years ago#6
The Flamethrower is a great weapon against The Pack, the little exploding baby things and pretty much anything else as long as you can keep them at bay. Enemies that charge straight for you are likely to get a hit in before you can kill them with the fire. Another great perk is that it automatically "loots" the enemies, as it continues to damage them after they are dead.

Though the contact beam fully upgraded is fairly awesome. If you're quick you can use the special secondary of the contact to stasis everything then switch to the flamethrower and roast every thing :)
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User Info: MrStarkiller

6 years ago#7
Everything is good against the Pack in terms of killing them. I wouldn't advise Contact Beam primary, Seeker primary, etc. for such targets though. Flamethrower should be good for everything. Charging foe? Don't let them do that. Leapers without some stasis love might be a bother to keep well-behaved until they die. We'll find out in due time.

User Info: Kingplayer1080

6 years ago#8

I agree it's excellent at saving ammo if you use stasis and paired up with the force gun and you can handle almost every enemy in the game. Though I didn't use it until my fourth or fifth playthrough because it sucked so badly in the first game.

User Info: MrStarkiller

6 years ago#9
I kept up with footage of flamethrower usage to assess how effective it looked. It quickly became clear it got a damage boost. Aside from the talk on boards, I intend to see for myself soon.

User Info: Xanraen

6 years ago#10
Flamethrower was invaluable when the game would throw a large number of enemies in your face, such as the elevator and atop the drill truck in chapter 13 or 14. It does tremendous damage when upgraded, and stuns the enemies a bit as well, giving it at least a little stopping power.
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