Naughty Bear DLC?

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User Info: djanimators

7 years ago#1
Okay i just completed the campaign of naughty bear and i went on to the menu and selected downloadable content it said something bout future costumes,game modes and levels.Now i personally love naughty bear and would download any dlc but who else thinks they should add a co-op survival type mode for the zombies.I would LOVE that.Now on to a completely random question but would u buy a naughty bear sequel.Cause i would.

User Info: 360addict223

7 years ago#2
Both amazing Ideas you have. I would adore a zombie survival mode. I haven't played the game yet, so I cant say if a sequel would be awesome or not. But it probably would.
GT: Sgt Lovecraft
It took Jesus 3 days to respawn. Talk about major lag.

User Info: Shao_Kahn

7 years ago#3
I have to say, as soon as they patch the crashing problem, I would like a sequel yes.

User Info: LoqGor

7 years ago#4

Both good ideas. I've just finished the zombear level. I really like this game, it's bitesized fun :D

User Info: zombieward

7 years ago#5
any Dlc is welcome, especialy weapons so i can kill Daddles in new ways

User Info: tuzlowps

7 years ago#6
"any Dlc is welcome, especialy weapons so i can kill Daddles in new ways"

I hate daddles lol. He should have just invited us (Naughty bear) to the party.

What I find odd is that before he snaps it doesn't seem like Naughty bear was even naughty, seeing as how he made Daddles a present to a party he wasn't invited to.
GT: TheWorldisDead

User Info: Andy12332199

7 years ago#7
Sweet i think the trolls finally left this board, Naughty Bear FTW
I live the "easy life".

User Info: speedymcspeedy

7 years ago#8
Tuz even after the fist level when naughty is laying down in the second one and hears the mayor is campaigning and says he'll get rid of naughty it made him sad, it's really the narrator who keeps pushing naughty to the naughty side. I mean just listen to what he tells Naughty to do.( I feel sorry for Naughty he only wants friends)
Gt: UsefulCarnivore

User Info: super64ds

7 years ago#9

Well cant wait for the new DLC i hope the multiplayer has new costumes and single player i cant wait for DLC and i am getting this game this friday:D

User Info: thedarkjester08

7 years ago#10
I would buy any DLC, 10 bucks for 2 chapters would be fine by me if they sell it like that. I mean look at Call of Duty, 15 bucks for 3 new maps and 2 old? WOW! L.O.L. They should deffinitly have Co-Op play, instead of multiplayer against eachother. I hope they release the Jason and Freddy costumes for DLC.
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