What Mega Man Games have you not beaten?

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User Info: Thanos_Galactus

5 years ago#21
I have only not beaten X3 and X4 and i've played all the classic games and the first five X games.

User Info: Lastjustice

5 years ago#22
- Megaman X 7, only part of the X series I havent beat. Its just so awful, I cant force myself to do it. I beat all the rest including command mission.
- Majority of the gameboy/hand held games. I might beat one or two of them. (I did beat the ZX games.)
- I've beaten the entire original series 1-10.
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User Info: QGVon

5 years ago#23
Interestingly enough, I bought but haven't beaten the ZX games -_-;
I'll never experience Wily and Light's Rockboard, Super Adventure Rockman, Rockman & Forte: Challenger from the Future, or the Rockman.EXE Wonderswan, Arcade, and Mobile games.

Other than that I got them all, MM1-10 including MM&B
X1-8 including Command Mission
X-Treme 1&2
Both Legends and Misadventures of Tron Bonne
Battle Network 1-6 encompassing both versions of 3-6
Battlechip Challenge and Network Transmission
Zero 1-4
Starforce 1-3 (Red versions only)

To a lesser extent
Anniversary Collection for both Arcade games
X Collection for Battle & Chase
BattleNetwork 5 Double Team DS
Zero Collection
Powered Up (love Proto Man Mode)
Maverick Hunter X (love Vile Mode)

So basically just ZX and ZXA and the Japan only games
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User Info: Hotel_Security

5 years ago#24
About the only action-related MM game I haven't played was the remake of MM1 (Powered Up) and the Game Gear game. I'm not much for remakes. Of course, I mention "action" so I haven't played much of any of the MM RPG types. Never played the Legends games and I played the first MM Battle Network game and beat it but was quite bored with it so I haven't played any of the MM handheld RPGs after that and likely never will.

Outside of that, I just started MM10...so:

-MM1-10. Includes Mega Man and Bass. Didn't play the Wily Wars extra levels. Still own all my original NES/SNES cartridges.

-MM1-5 for Game Boy (still own them). Never played the Game Gear game.

-MMX1-8, including MMX Command Mission (not bad, but not great). I still say it's disappointing that so many folks skipped MMX8. It's a solid game. Still own all these too.

-MMXtreme 1-2 for Game Boy Color. Not great.

-MMZero 1-4

-MMZX 1-2 - Solid games! Check them out if out haven't.

I seriously thought the ZX games would be the end of the MM "action" games for a while...so glad we got MM9 and 10.

User Info: SpoinkRulezz

5 years ago#25
Wow, you beat a lot of them! ZX is awesome yes, I loved that one. Quite challenging as well, at times.
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User Info: lighting_rock84

5 years ago#26
Alright let me update my list. the only ones I've still to beat in the classic series are the gamegear Version (god it is terribad), MMIV(GB), and Wily tower. I can't get it unlocked as my emulator copy (sucks that it never made a cartridge of it for the US) keeps erasing my Playthroughs after I beat any of the original 3. I can save and return, but once I finish it says I never beat it.
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User Info: Hotel_Security

5 years ago#27
Wow, you beat a lot of them

Heh, I’ve been a fan of them since the NES days. I remember frantically going from store to store on my bike, trying to find a place that had MM5 which seemed to be more rare than the others…I finally found it at a local K-Mart of all places. It’s still one of my favorites.

I can't get it unlocked as my emulator copy

Yeah, my copy has the same issues. Very strange.

User Info: GazelMinistry

5 years ago#28
I haven't beaten any MM game that is not MM1-10 (including MM&B) or X1-X5.
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User Info: MonarchPaulos

5 years ago#29
Megaman 1, 10 *the Wii version*, and the Arcade Megaman games. Lol I'm not too far into the series.
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User Info: helldew

5 years ago#30
I havent really touched the legends games.

in terms of the X games ive beaten all the main entries aside from X7 and X8 and i recently obtained X8 i just havent had a chance to beat it. Ive beaten Xtream 1 but practically beat the second but its like 95% done. Bought command mission and havent touched it yet

Classic games ive beaten Megaman 1-9. i havent beaten 7 or 10 yet although ive beaten the RM in 10 plenty of times and i watch my friend speed run 10 all the time. i havent touched megaman soccor either and i do own it and i beat battle and chase MM&bass as well as the two power fighter games. i havent touched the DOS entries (and have zero intention to) ive played a lot of MMI-V but havent really beaten any of them (although i own V and thats the only one i really cared about anyways)

beat the entire Zero/ZX sereis,

beat all the main BN/SF games havent beaten the cube BN game yet same with battle chip challange. I dont even know if EXE 4.5 has a fan translation or not but i havent touched it.

besides that unless im missing something ive touched a fair number of games in the sereis at this point.
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