Boss Order (spoilers)

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7 years ago#1
Sheep Man > Pump Man > Solar Man > Chill Man > Nitro Man > Commando Man > Blade Man > Strike Man.

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User Info: DelianSK13

7 years ago#2
If this is right, thanks.
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User Info: GazelMinistry

7 years ago#3
It is right.
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User Info: Phazon_Elite

7 years ago#4
Funny because I figured this out until Blade Man.
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User Info: DynamoDT

7 years ago#5
Awesome, I was totally right on the money.
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User Info: cbx42

7 years ago#6

I was about to Post up the Same Boss Order. But that's exactly right :)

User Info: IceQueenZer0

7 years ago#7
I thought so to.

Sheep Man > Pump Man > Solar Man > Chill Man > Nitro Man > Commando Man > Blade Man > Strike Man.

Blade > Rubber
Rubber > Electricity
Electricity > Water
Water > Fire
Fire > Ice
Ice freezes up the engine

The other two are toss-ups
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User Info: Kami_no_Kami

7 years ago#8
Heh, I've been going in exactly the right order, except with Sheep Man, who's easy with the buster anyway (and I started with Pump Man).
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User Info: StarSurfer12

7 years ago#9
I pretty much had the whole thing right except I thought the blade would kill Sheep Man. I guess a rubber ball makes sense. It was definitely an easier weakness cycle to guess than MM9.

User Info: NoizyChild

7 years ago#10
Thunder Wool DESTROYS Pump Man.
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