Career Mode Sparring glitch

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User Info: firkmeister24

7 years ago#1

I've been playing career mode for the last few days and my dude is like 17-1. I'm trying to create a Super CAF and I'm following this guide and trying to save up like 6000 points or something. I used to be getting like 90 points everytime I would spar. But lately after I upgraded my sparring partner from 1.40 to 1.60 everytime no matter how well I do I get 50 points for every single spar when I should really be getting like 100-120. Any help?

User Info: shaolinmonk777

7 years ago#2
its because of the new patch. it limits sparing points to 50 max. you can only save up 999 points.

User Info: NathanG-P

7 years ago#3

i think if you have fatigue you lose some points, but there probly is some other reason

User Info: CanuckCowboy

7 years ago#4
What monk said, the patch gimped your training so you can't get more than 50. In other words, there's never a point in levelling up your sparring partner, and your CAF fighter will be a pansy no matter what.

Personally I deleted the patch - the online wasn't exactly worthwhile anyways.
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User Info: Fail__

7 years ago#5
Personally I deleted the patch - the online wasn't exactly worthwhile anyways.

i cant even get online, havent had a single match yet. ^ and thats a good idea: delete patch, make your super CAF, reinstall patch. THQ are idiots. my super CAF is fine after the update, it didnt lower any of his stats.

User Info: ram8704

7 years ago#6
Wow worst patch in history. Instead of fixing subs or AI, or online they gimp peoples CaF in career mode instead of putting a restriction on online CaF like reasonable people.
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User Info: RyRyDaFlyGuy

7 years ago#7
The patch seriously ruined my day i went ahead and installed it and the 6000 points i had stored previously got taken down to 999, that sucked. I guess i shouldnt have been lazy and distributed them before hand LOL the patch will be getting taken out later today
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User Info: Malison_s0uLjah

7 years ago#8
I too, will be removing the patch because I'm still unable to complete a match and I'm playing OFFLINE lol. I couldn't even submit Sonnen in the beginning of the first round with Maia for the ULTIMATE FIGHT MODE or whatever it's called. I'm suppose to submit him in round 1 with a triangle.

You know what would be sweet? Rocking your opponent from the mount and going into a triangle choke!

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User Info: waw003

7 years ago#9
How do you remove this patch? I didn't even know that this thing.

User Info: firkmeister24

7 years ago#10

wow that helps thanks a lot how do i delete the patch haha?

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