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Clay Guida Info

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User Info: LeftOverWeed

6 years ago#1

I would like to know his stats if anyone has them and if he has any special moves and how he plays in the game. I imagine that if they make him as real as possible its just impossible to knock him out hahaha.

I video would be amazing.

User Info: GodzFollower

6 years ago#2
there is a vid of him in action on youtube(bad player but its better then nothing). I'll try and hunt it down for ya.
Gfaqs is the home of the echo posters

User Info: GodzFollower

6 years ago#3
3 secs later, guess clay was the cpu but here better then nothing
Gfaqs is the home of the echo posters

User Info: EchoesN7

6 years ago#4
Cardio - 118

Everything else - mid 40's
GT: CuddleMonsta

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