Tips for beating Cain Velasquez (Career HW title fight)

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User Info: icemanx_88

7 years ago#1
Ok, hear me out... I have Strength, Speed, and Cardio maxed out. The rest of my stats are 30-32 range, except for Sub Offense, which is at 70. I have the Right Long Superman Punch, Right Weaving Hook, Single Collar Tie Clinch Pulldown, and TR to Butterfly Guard. I would have had the Gogoplata choke by now if it wasn't for my fight against Velasquez and the ****ing decaying.

So what tips can you give me, as I'm more of a stand up guy? I'm not afraid to go to the ground if I have to. Any help at all would be appreciated. If you could even help me with the online camp, that would be better.
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User Info: setsword

7 years ago#2
all of the title holders are pretty much gods on this game it's luck im 0-15 against champions.. thats how horrible it is AND all of those losses are via Submission.
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User Info: theonlyturkey

7 years ago#3
Ether take in to ground or let him take you down and trans reverse until full mount then pound him out. The CPU never fakes a transitions so once you are good any fight that goes to the ground you should win. I agree on expert the stand up is a crap shoot. If I play the CPU stand up only with equal level strikers I win about 60% of the time, but I win 100% of the time when I quit messing around and go to the ground.

Just get a take down/get taken down hit the CPU wait for him to try a trans/ reverse it continue to do thins until your in mount then GNP him. After while he will grab you so you have to hit him once more so he will go for a trans reverse and GNP some more,

User Info: sloth_of_doom

7 years ago#4
just keep spamming body shots, the CPU is really good at dodging punches to the head and punishing you, but you never get punished really for punches to the body, keep punching to the body and keep your guard up, my first heavyweight title fight was against carwin and I lost twice before I used this strategy and then I had a really easy fight once I started wearing him down that way

User Info: CrypticSoul

7 years ago#5
Are people really having a really hard time? I'm playing on expert started at Heavyweight and now am Light heavyweight with a 28-1 record. I lost to Lesnar because I tried to jump the ranks too quickly when my stats were still at 30 hahah By my next fight my standing punches def/off was at 50 or 70

Just counter strike to the head. You should learn Chucks straight Right hand thats the only move i have learned
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User Info: lewyp06

7 years ago#6
i'm 30-0 in the heavyweight division, the best tactic i used was keep dropping close range elbows then back away, wait for the CPU to swing then counter, rinse and repeat.
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