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User Info: Brasin1420

6 years ago#1
Hey im only into this underdome just for the trophies so i need help. I ned help beating the long ass arenas the 20 round ones.I got the lesser ones done I did it the easy way Im a lvl 12 brick Ill host just kill and kill dont care if you modded just have to stay all the way through 20 rounds. Once I have 3 people we will talk about times but fridays are the best for me to do this. Soif your wanting the trophies and have the time. Reply with your id .
Star Ocean BT: Edge - 99%, Reimi - 97%, Faize - 54%, Lymle - 68%,
Bacchus - 79%, Meracle - 62%, Sarah - 78%, Myuria - 100%, Arumat - 97%
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