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Ba weep gra na weep NINNY bon?

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User Info: Moose0fWoe

7 years ago#1
*Offers up an energon goodie*

I just randomly stumbled upon a Youtube trailer. I can't believe I didn't hear about this game sooner.
As I watched I was thinking it was an E3 leak and be due for release some time next year.

Then I saw the June 2010 release date. THEN I saw SHOCKWAVE is in it! My favorite transformer of all.

Today is a good day indeed.

"Show me a moose! " ~Captain Falcon

User Info: Stedinator

7 years ago#2
Only if you pre-order from gamestop...and only in multiplayer. Sorry to ruin your good day =P
"I'm going to go do British things, like drink cups of tea and eat bangers and mash, that sort of thing...because I'm British"

User Info: Sh3ikXI

7 years ago#3
Ba weep gra na weep NINNY bon "offers a treat"

User Info: Ultramagnus001

7 years ago#4
Ba weep gra na weep NINNY bon!!! =)

User Info: Moose0fWoe

7 years ago#5
Oh I did catch that bit about the preorder in order to get Shockwave. Luckily I live near several gamestops. :D Needless to say I'll be getting him over Jazz/Demolisher which Amazon/Best Buy offer.

Also: I THOUGHT they were supposed to RECIPRICATE?!
"Show me a moose! " ~Captain Falcon

User Info: SnowAvon

7 years ago#6

"Hey kup, what was that international greeting?- wait nevermind I remember, Ba weep gra na weep ninny bon"

*offers an energon cube*

Welcome to the fanclub of this game,

tell you friends about this game,

and post media,

and most of all have fun!

User Info: craggylotus

7 years ago#7
"You talk some TV?"

User Info: Decepticrap

7 years ago#8
Sharkticon's: *speaking in cybertronian language*

Kup: Here kid, let me handle this. Watch a pro at work.

Hotrod: Um Kup? I don't think it's such a good idea to say or do anything... so uh...

Kup: Pfft, non-sense! I've done this many times, i think i know what i'm doing.

Hotrod: Okay... but you know how it is with these guys. One slip up and we're both in deep ****.

Kup: Alright, calm down. I got this. EHEM. *Clears throat*... COUGH.... *clears throat more*...
COUGH, KKKKKKKKKKK *spits lugey*. Okay i'm good now.

Sharkticon's: O_o

Kup: Okay so let's se if i remember... EHEM. Ba weep gra na weep NINNY bon?
*puts gun to kups head*

Hotrod: Holy **** Kup what did you say?!


Sharkticon: No, you just said: "Want some candy you obese ninny ****'s?"

Hotord: Kup, why would you say that **** here, rather, ANYWHERE?!

Kup: It was in the "Best of Cybertron Phrases" Book here. It was a gift from sideways.

Hotrod: Side WAYS? Oh now we're in deep ****.

Sharkticon: I'm going to enjoy eating you.

Kup: Wait! I have one. Um... wait no never mind.

Hotrod: *Looks at book* Kup, you know insults was duck taped right?

Kup: *Looks at book* Oh... wow i didn't notice that. I mean yellow really meshes in with dark purple.

Hotrod: YOU'RE ****ING DUMB.
Chronicle of Legends is a new Anime/ comic that i am working on.
Characters: Kuro, Ezaac, Shina, Gen, Pheonix, Sarah, Genji, and Seth
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