Character Oringinal Color schemes?

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User Info: Auuman_Anubis

6 years ago#1
I about to reach Prime mode, and reset all my chars.

And I want to know if I can influence which chassis get the original color schemes once I start leveling them up again.

I want to have Arcee rock her Pink/White.

And I want to get the real:
and Jet Fire

Last time I got stuck with the characters I wasn't interested in, like Brawl and Sideswipe.


User Info: DOTMfan

6 years ago#2

Wait!.WHAT?..........Once you unock prime mode you can play as their original color schemes?

User Info: Kamikazeninja

6 years ago#3
i don't recall this. the only thing i remember bout prime mode is you get the achievement and ..."the parts that bites" loose all your weapon upgrades.

User Info: zero3384

6 years ago#4
it's easy to do the optimus prime colors and iron hide colors as well as a good sideswipe....but others....mmm....not that I've seen
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User Info: J2DK

6 years ago#5
I think the ones you get in their original/campaign mode colors are preset. I didn't get Arcee because I hadn't unlocked her yet when I primed. I don't think there's a way to control it. I'm not even sure if all three characters for each class get a unique original color scheme.
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User Info: Auuman_Anubis

6 years ago#6
Allow me to clarify.

Prime mode does not unlock the schemes.

what unlocks it, is leveling up a class until a new slot opens for you to make a variant of that class.

at Lv. 5 you have 2 slots

at Lv. 10 you have a total of 3 slots.

Once you unlock a slot, that chassis is colored like the character it's based on (assuming you don't change the colors, or chassis)

In the Character menu, their colors look random. But in-game they have the original schemes.

That's how I have Ironhide, Soundwave, and Brawls original colors.

All I want to know, once you unlock a new slot, is the chassis random or is it influenced by something like 'what chassis you were using before you get Lv. 5' or anything like that.
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  3. Character Oringinal Color schemes?

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