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User Info: brauley

7 years ago#11
I love using a scientist to fly up to high places and snipe the whole battlefield.

10 kill streak is a wonderful thing to get
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User Info: demonic324

7 years ago#12
using disguise and shockwave is a great combo when playing conquest fly into a group and let loose shockwave you can get a kill or 2 but it really helps give your team time to get there and back u up.

User Info: 1penance1

7 years ago#13

TC the scientist's disguise is great, u just need to learn how to use it, i use disguise 24-7. Make sure u go into disguise out in the open or in front of enemies. It works good to disguise and take off like u own the place. Always have theemp shotgun equiped with the disguise class. Also sometimes try to fly in at a point that an enemy is capturing and sit their for a few seconds. That leads them to distrust themselves. Then when someone has turned their back, aim up close at their back chest and fire twice then melee. Also remember to shoot the sentrys first at a distance, then fly away to a different location, take off from there in disguise and go to the point. Other than those, i cant tell u anymore becuz i do everything else naturally

User Info: Extic_Frefter

7 years ago#14
Make sure u go into disguise out in the open or in front of enemies.
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