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User Info: Wesker453

4 years ago#1
So as you all know, you have the helicopter scene right in the beginning, and then have it again later in the game. The second time though, Walker makes the comment:

Wait, this isnt right. Its like we did this already.

Now after I finished the game and nothing was made of this comment, I figured it was just a bit of comedy for the player to chuckle at. But when I heard him say that, I thought that maybe we were actually in Walker's nightmare where he is reliving the horrors of Dubai over and over again, especially since they talked about PTSD throughout the game. I think I like that idea better than the one they actually did, because I still dont understand it fully.
Chris Redfield

User Info: Z008MJ

4 years ago#2
Actually, you pretty much nailed it. The story writer has said Walker is stuck in purgatory until he can come to terms with what he has done. There are several hints throughout the game such as:

Konrad's face can be seen on several posters and boards in the first level.

Graffiti on walls can talk about stuff that hasn't happened yet.

On the first level, if you look back, the trees that were alive when you walked past them are actually dead.

The blacked-out eyes on several paintings.

And so on ....
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