I think I hate this game...

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User Info: cantuse

4 years ago#1
I will never be able to play an FPS the same way again. Even some of the great classics like NOLF. This game is subversive like an Alan Moore graphic novel.

User Info: xninjagrrl

4 years ago#2
Glad you liked it :)
This was probably one of my favorite games of this generation. No hype, under the radar, excellent narrative. Although, after replaying Spec Ops, then attempting to play the latest Hitman, I just couldnt get into it. I have never played a Hitman game so I dont know the backstory, but the story seemed dumb and I lacked any motivation to be brutally assassinating all these people. I will admit, garroting people did feel pretty good for a minute but got old.
Pros: The pills were there.
Cons: So was the tank.

User Info: cantuse

4 years ago#3
It's funny you bring up Hitman Absolution. I played H:A before Spec Ops and even then I thought to myself, "Man - this game is almost a satire of what is wrong in first person shooters" except for the fact that it played it straight the entire time without any irony, satire or winking at the camera.

After Spec Ops : The Line, the only way to enjoy Absolution is actually consider it satire on the genre instead of the genre tent-pole the developers were hoping for.

User Info: params7

4 years ago#4
I've beat it twice, going to start another playthrough in Fubar. Its one of the best games I've ever played. Brilliant narrative. Who'd have thought videogames could adapt Heart Of Darkness and produce something excellent. The shooting mechanics itself is pretty solid and fun.

User Info: Psycko101

4 years ago#5
And think i almost missed this gem xD

Awesome TPS,and without question one of my fav 2012 releases.
"Patriotism is the last refuge of a scoundrel."-Dr Samuel Johnson
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