What difficulty am I playing on?!?!

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User Info: hxcmyles

5 years ago#1
Hey guys, I'm pretty sure when I fired the game up I chose Combat Ops difficulty. I'm halfway through the Adams level and it's f***ing impossible.

Here's where I'm at. I just had a little argument with Lugo as I'm walking through a wrecked yacht. When you exit the boat there is a frag box and an ammo box. There's a wrecked yacht to my left. A big troop carrier pulls up and out pours a knife guy, a heavy, and at least 1/2 a dozen troops. Cover is very sparse and the 33rd is filling up the yacht.

I've died at least a dozen times trying to get passed this. I'm playing for less then a minute then watching a minute long load screen. I'm temped to lower the difficulty but I don't want to have to finish the game on easy.

Can anyone tell from my description what difficulty I'm on?


User Info: kanto_wanderer

5 years ago#2
Hey, I had exactly the same problem where you're at. I was playing on normal difficulty (don't remember what the game calls it), but eventually it asked me if I wanted to switch to an easier setting and I just said **** it.

User Info: thecrusha

5 years ago#3
it is difficult, just pick up ammo/nades and sprint to yacht and go upstairs into cover, use nades to kill as many while looking down the stairs and stay until sandstorm

this got me through all my playthroughs
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User Info: CBMatt

5 years ago#4
This was probably the hardest part of the game for me, although it was pretty easy once I had a good strategy. thecrusha's method is a good way of doing it. What I found to be more enjoyable was to immediately command Adams to take out the edged weapon expert, which he should accomplish just moments before the guy kills you. Meanwhile, just go to town on the Heavy's chest (that's their weak spot). Use blindfire while he's attacking and pop out from cover (the big slab or cement or whatever it is) when he reloads. If you're not able to kill him before he gets to you, jump out of cover and run like hell for the Humvee that they came in. You can't properly use it for cover, but it will protect you pretty well. At this point, you can just tell Adams to finish off the Heavy while you start picking off other enemies and eventually making your way to the yacht. There will be one or two guys up there, so watch out.

I had the most fun doing it that way, but the other method (running for the yacht right away) is easier. Just be careful when you go upstairs because you will be vulnerable to enemy grenades up there.

User Info: pweidman

5 years ago#5
Yeah that's Combat Ops diff; with a pretty heavy spike at that point in the game. It does make you choose some tactics though.

I died a few times and then determined the knife maniac had to go first, so I used the P90 to shoot him at range and then just ran behind the yacht. If you go straight away up into the top it's pretty ridiculous with both grenade spam and some hidden enemies that jump out to wack you. I got by it by whittling down most of them before the sandstorm, had Adams do most of the work on the heavy, and then went up to the top and waited out the last of 'em shooting them all down the stairs before the 'all clear' relief, :P.

User Info: X_Masquerade_X

5 years ago#6
just kill the knife guy from a distance, he's easy to pick off.
Then go into cover and take out the heavy.

The standard enemies shouldnt provide any difficulty after that.
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User Info: ssnake87

5 years ago#7
This part boned me in the *** on suicide mission difficulty. So did the parking garage portion.

What I did was take the knife guy from afar asap. right where you start. I had a 417 at the time so it was easy. Made sure I got the grenades. The I ran to cover on the far left and through a grenade into the boat on the left along the corridor(usually take out at least 2 guys, this is crucial cause it gives you breathing room to fight the heavy.). When the heavy got close enough I stuck him with a sticky, and then another frag grenade and then mowed him downed with the P90.

Once you get the Heavy down its pretty much smooth sailing from the there.
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User Info: MrDummy

5 years ago#8
I started game on highest difficulty then plan on fubar once its unlocked. But i am on 3rd chptr and am dying alot. I need to get used to controls better and setting up speed of movement correctly as well.
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