First play through, your first choices? (Mild spoilers)

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User Info: Cashaddi

5 years ago#11
I know this topic is kinda old, but I want to share my experience with you anyways.

I did, what I would have done on Walker's stead:

A Man of Action (Still trying to keep a clear head, complete the mission,etc. AND sorry but I didn't know the civilians AT ALL, they were just strangers whereas Gould saved our asses and seemed like a decent guy.)

Damned if you don't (Thought I could be fast enough to kill all snipers before they killed the hostages. Oh, what hubris, but in the end there was no real choice here. Submission? Never!)

Unfriendly Fire (**** *** Riggs! Dragging us into that mess and following your insane plan. No, you've damned the people to die of thirst and now you're gonna BURN for it.)

A Line, Crossed (Yep. That wasn't a real choice either. The minute they killed Lugo I knew they ALL had to die. I was actually a bit sad that some got away. I wanted to kill every. single. one. of those *******.

Too Late The Hero (I feared that if I didn't shoot Konrad, I might die, which turned out to be true. Though I have to admit I didn't REALLY think about it at all. Maybe Walker had such a big impression on me that I just wanted to shoot stuff, hoping to 'solve' everything..?)

The Road Back (Didn't kill the soldiers. They did no harm to me. It was over finally. But I guess in reality Walker would have tried to kill them all and died in the process.)
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  3. First play through, your first choices? (Mild spoilers)

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