Can't really say anything without SPOILERS

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User Info: zeldafanjtl

5 years ago#1
Were Walker, Lugo, and Adams awake for the entirety of the game? (Besides the few times where Walker blacks out, of course.) If all the events were continuous, that means they'd be up for like 48 hours...not impossible, but damn.
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User Info: Creeping_Dark

5 years ago#2
They had a opportunity to rest during the storm at the end of chapter 9, but I think that's about it.
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User Info: K181

5 years ago#3
Well, they are Delta operatives. I'm fairly sure that American special forces are specifically trained for sleep deprivation to be in combat situations with little or no rest for several days in a row.

That being said, it could certainly have helped contribute to Walker's increasingly weak grasp on reality at the end.
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4 years ago#4
Well when your allies fall you do inject them with some sort of stimulant to get them moving again. I'm sure the same drug or something similar would also be given to special ops soldiers to keep them moving for 2 days straight.
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  3. Can't really say anything without SPOILERS

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